The leadership of the largest museums of Russia spoke out against the reductions of state of the Ministry of interior. Museum workers appealed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the request to amend the relevant decree, reports “Interfax”.

General Director of the Russian state library Alexander visliy, Director General of the State Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Ismailova, Director of the State Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin Marina Loshak and 18 heads of various museums around the country wrote a collective message to Putin. In the letter, which was sent to the address of the head of state, talk about preserving “at least at a minimum acceptable level of private security police on especially valuable cultural heritage objects of peoples of the Russian Federation, where it currently carries out its functions”.

“In our institutions focused cultural values of the highest level, constituting the national heritage of the Russian Federation. And this heritage can only be ensured proper protection,” reads the letter.

President Putin has disposed to reduce staff of the Ministry of interior on 110 thousand people (10%) in July of this year. “To set a limit on the number of staff of bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (without the personnel on protection and service of buildings) funded from budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget, in the amount of 1 3 million 172 thousand units,” – said, in particular, in the decree of the head of state.

After the entry into force of the decree of 10% was reduced the number of staff of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, educational organizations and bodies of internal Affairs on transport at district and regional levels, almost 22% of the institutions economic and service components.

Because of reductions from November 1, nearly all the Federal museums risk being left without police protection. However, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev promised that large Museum collections – the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin Museum will continue to be protected by the police. Currently, according to Kolokoltsev, the budget of the Ministry of culture on protection of Russian museums pledged 100 million rubles.

The reason to speak about the need to protect the museums was the incident in August, the mayhem in the Arena. Activists of the movement “God’s will” broke into the exhibition “Sculptures, which we do not see” and ruined works 1960-70-ies under the pretext that they insult the feelings of believers. The fact of the massacre initiated a criminal case.

The Museum is the public face of the Union of Russian museums, the International Council of museums (ICOM) and the heads of major Federal and regional museums in connection with the incident called on to protect exhibition halls and museums from actions that result in damaged artwork.

The leading museums of Russia asked Putin to protect the national heritage of the country 28.09.2015

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