In the accounts of “Vneshprombank”, which in the beginning of the year lost his license, kept the personal savings of the deceased Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II (Alexey Ridiger), according to “Medusa” with reference to materials of arbitration. For inclusion in the list of creditors of the Bank claims to be the successor of the late Primate superior of the Moscow representation of pühtitsa monastery the hegumeness filareta (Alexander Smirnov), who was the associate of the Patriarch since the mid 1960-ies.

In the article, which was published on the eighth anniversary of the death of the Patriarch, says that the accounts in “Vneshprombank” there were about 300 million rubles belonging to the Patriarch of 2.92 million dollars, and 8829 Euro 9.37 million rubles. Superior Filaret claims to the money according to the will, which the Patriarch was made in 1976.

The pühtitsa Dormition convent was the only female monastery in the Soviet Union, which had not been closed by the authorities during the Soviet period, to even accept any new novices. In his book, “the Abbess. A Holy obedience” mother Filaret writes that he entered a monastery in 1956 at the age of twenty. A year later her and her nicelynice sent to obedience to the future Patriarch, who then took Tallinn and the Estonian Department and was the administrator of the Moscow Patriarchate. Memoirs of a mother superior, noted, “Medusa” was published in 2013 with the money of the Trustee pühtitsa monastery Maxim Liksutov, head of the Department of transport.

Alexy II told reporters that obedience to his residence are sisters from pühtitsa monastery, which for over 40 years by mother superior filareta. It is known that an associate of the Patriarch found him dead on 5 December 2008.

In court the interests of the nuns is a lawyer Kravtsov, who also acts as the representative of the co-chair of the Union of Orthodox women Anastasia Ositis. She and her daughter Irina Fedulova until 2008 were the shareholders of “Vneshprombank”.

We will remind, the Central Bank revoked the license of the “Vneshprombank” 21 Jan 2016. It soon became clear that the “hole” (the excess of liabilities over assets) in its equity reached a record RUB 210.1 billion. Later this estimate was repeatedly revised upwards.

The regulator said that the leadership of the VPB has built a system of fraud reporting based on primary documents, including statements on correspondent accounts of nonresident banks, the credit record of customer transactions for customer accounts.

In addition, the Bank did not comply with the requirements of the legislation in the field of combating laundering of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism. The statements did not contain reliable information about the quality and value of assets and liabilities.

On 11 March, the Tribunal ruled on the bankruptcy of “Vneshprombank”, pointing to the signs of deliberate bankruptcy. Among the Bank’s clients were the stars of show business, politicians, government officials, Church Ministers and their relatives. In particular, the accounts in “Vneshprombank” were the funds of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The legacy of Patriarch Alexy II – 300 million rubles – stuck in the accounts of “Vneshprombank” 05.12.2016

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