In Syria, the continued looting of cultural monuments located on the territory of the ancient city of Palmyra. About it reports the British newspaper The Telegraph , citing representatives of the Association for the protection of Syrian archaeology (APSA) based in Strasbourg.

According to them, the plundering of the city continued, despite the expulsion from it of the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH, is prohibited in Russia). “Illegal excavations thrived, despite the change of parties in control of the Palmyra. Trade in antiquities continued the same robbers who have interacted with ISIS, the (Syrian) regime and Russian. They bribed several officers and soldiers, so they turned a blind eye (what is happening)”, – told reporters the representative of the Association.

Another interviewee in APSA reported that the smuggling of Syrian antiquities is via Turkey and Lebanon. The cultural heritage of Palmyra, stolen over the last six months, are available on the black market.

The Telegraph writes that the typeface is currently controlled by the Russian military, which built its base. The publication also recalls that in February 2015 the UN Security Council banned the trade in art objects illegally removed from Syria and Iraq.

In Russia, the accusations of archaeologists have not yet commented. Palmyra was captured by militants on may 21, 2015. Immediately after this, the Islamists began to destroy the unique cultural objects of the ancient town, recognized as UNESCO world heritage.

At the end of March 2016, the Syrian army came to Palmyra and began to prepare for a decisive assault. On 24 March about the release of Palmyra , reported Syrian TV. However, Damascus announced the final expulsion of the fighters only March 27. Then to Palmyra profit of Russian experts, who inspected the city on the subject of preservation of cultural objects and came to the conclusionthat during the operation to free the ancient city have suffered only one monument – the fortress of Fakhr al-DIN, while the rest of destruction lie on the conscience of the militants.

The looting of the treasures of Palmyra continues – now under Russian control, say Syrian scientists 03.10.2016

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