Paris decided to reduce the degree of a provocative exhibition of sculptures in the gardens of the Tuileries a few weeks before the opening of the exhibition.

The sculpture is called “Dominator” was made by a team of Atelier Van Lieshout. It depicts a 12-foot humanoid monster, weighing 30 tons in a spicy pose. Over the past three years, the sculpture in the ironic style of constructivism was exhibited in Germany. In Paris she was supposed to submit on 19 October, but the administration of the Louvre has changed his mind.

The Director of the famous Paris Museum sent a letter to the creators of the installation, which pointed to its “violent nature.” “It is likely to remain incomprehensible to visitors to parks,” he added.

The organizers of the contemporary art fair Fiac, which prepared the exhibition in the gardens of the Tuileries, already expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the Louvre. They felt that a ban on the display of works of art “will hurt other artists.”

Recall that in 2015 in Versailles was successfully demonstrated controversial work by British artist of Indian origin Anish Kapoor, nicknamed the “Royal vagina”. A 10-metre work of art has twice been attacked by vandals.

Contemporary art exhibitions are held in Paris since 2008.

The Louvre a couple of weeks before the opening of the exhibition refused copulating constructivist monsters 03.10.2017

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