In the Italian city of Bari, the representatives of the Main Department of criminal
investigation Department of interior Ministry, Interpol and the Italian police handed over to the Russian “thief in
the law” Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi) located there under
house arrest on charges of theft, money laundering and extortion, the decision on the lifetime ban of entrance on the territory of Russia, informs “Interfax” with reference to
informed source. Security officials fear the return of this criminal,
raised after the arrest
Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young) in the first important place in
the criminal hierarchy, and attributed to his “politics” probability
the resumption of clashes “in the style of the 90s”.

In accordance with the document “on the undesirability of his life
stay in Russia” any attempt Jangveladze to enter Russia will be
be regarded as a violation of article 322 of the criminal code (“Illegal crossing of the
border of the Russian Federation”), providing punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for
a period of six years. “It was clarified”, – said the source

In Bari, the “thief in law” is under house arrest in connection with
demand the law enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan on the results for

After the death of “thieves in law” Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), Sergey
Ivankov (jap) and the arrest of Zakhary Kalashov Merab Sukhumi
“in fact, he headed the hierarchical ladder in the Russian criminal
the world.”

“The lawyers of Merab insisted that he was not extradited from Italy to
Kazakhstan, as a Russian citizen, however, the investigators
RF stated that he received a passport illegally. This was
the reason for the ruling prohibiting his stay in
Of Russia”, – said the source.

Merab Jangveladze got the counterfeit Russian passport in Abkhazia

Merab Jangveladze became a Russian citizen in early 2000s
years, getting a fake passport in Abkhazia. In June 2016
The Zamoskvoretsky court has satisfied the claim of the migration service of deprivation
Merab Sukhumi Russian citizenship and declared him persona non

As noted by “Moscow
, in this way in Russia legalized a
the “lawyers” that even became a reason for the claims management of the interior Ministry in
The Ministry of foreign Affairs with the request to understand a situation.

Jangveladze, who is also a citizen of Georgia, in 2013
was detained in Italy, where along with 18 co-conspirators went on trial at the
the charges of burglary, extortion, money laundering
money and forgery.

Currently, the term “thief in law”, sentenced to four years
and eight months in prison, coming to an end. According to “Criminal
, it is contained in Bari under house arrest, as
according to Italian law, serving half of the term will almost guarantee
the prisoner parole if he is convicted on netascii

However, the issuance Jangveladze already waiting for law enforcement
Of Kazakhstan, where he is accused of creation of criminal community,
according to Kazakhstani laws is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to 20
years. In September it was reported that Astana is preparing a request
extradition Jangveladze. The authorities, anticipating that the mafia can
to fly to his fictitious homeland in Russia, already started
work to prevent this scenario.

In case of return of Merab Sukhumi Moscow predict a showdown
“in the style of the 90s”

Merab Sukhumi was “crowned” at the age of 24, he is considered one
of the main opponents of the policy, which was held by “the thief in the law” Grandfather
Hassan, and organized his murder. It can be involved
also the murder in Istanbul of the enemy Usoyan – Rovshan Dzhanieva (Rovshan

“MK” wrote that if Sukhumi will return to Moscow, “showdown in the style
90 will again become commonplace”. The whole biography of Merab Sukhumi
evidence: he never resolved the issues peacefully and not hide
this, and the interrogation in France Jangveladze proudly told the cops:
“I am Cannibal”.

It began as a simple thug robbed collectors and small
merchants, but very quickly grew into one of the most influential thieves in
the law on the territory of the former USSR. Today possible field of interest
Jangveladze and his people; hostile takeovers of large firms, concerns
and corporations, the introduction of his people into the power structure, etc
what is the return Merab may entail a new crime
the war, the newspaper said.

We will remind that Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), considered as the “king
Russian mafia” shot
in Moscow in 2013, a sniper, then the role of his successor was
to claim “thief in law” Zachary Kalash (Shakro Young). Latest arrested in Moscow on 13 July on charges of extortion from the hostess of the Moscow restaurant Elements on Rochdelskaya street Jeanne Kim. Later he was charged under article 210 of the criminal code (“Creation of criminal community”).

The main criminal authority of the Russian Federation for life denied entry into the country 09.11.2016

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