A surprise to many forecasters the decision of the Russian leadership about the appointment of Sergei Kiriyenko for the post of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, apparently, intended to hold a successful election campaign and presidential elections that may be held in 2018, in 2017. According to the experts, whose statements in the Russian media gathered portal the Headlines, the arrival of the Kiriyenko – quite symbolic, as his and Vladimir Putin share a common past.

According to”Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, the new curator of internal policy, may have to engage in party reform. Its outcome could be the emergence of a major democratic party that will nominate a single candidate in the presidential elections of 2018.

In this sense, Kiriyenko as the person system, will have to take on the role of negotiator – the image of the guarantor of security of the elections. Deputy head of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov believes that the ability to Kiriyenko to combine Patriotic and liberal views will help him to manage: he said that if Kiriyenko today directed SPS, then Russia would be a strong liberal party.

According to political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky, “Sergei Kiriyenko has proven over many years of work in the Federal government not only that he is a loyal servant of the system, but he, of course, and the contractor and the Manager, but not an ideologue”.

“I think that the most important task that will face Sergei Kiriyenko, is the organization of the upcoming presidential election, including the preparation of the answer to the question of whether they will be urgent in the spring of 2018 or early 2017. Kiriyenko is a good organizer, I think he’ll be fine, and to expect from him any breakthroughs in the direction of democracy it is not necessary”, – said Belkovsky in interview to”echo of Moscow”.

Kirienko – the figure is significant in the sense that is associated with the transition of some liberals on Putin’s side in the beginning. As writes “Kommersant”, the decision on the appointment of Kiriyenko, the presidential administration was taken without any prior consultation with the government. According to a source publication, the selection of a successor Vyacheslav Volodin dealt with personally by Vladimir Putin, and the ability Kirienko he was “long familiar”: “the Special needs of the councils were not”.

According to the analyst Abbas Gallyamov, parish of Kiriyenko may mean some liberalization of the government. “Perhaps superficially decorative, and can be, and backbone. Kiriyenko, in principle, suitable in order to do the former, and in order to do the second, because he is a politician with the “right” history – a man who was once an ally of Nemtsov,” he was quoted by RBC.

“The question is how Putin feels protective and derzhavnichestvo rate has exhausted itself. If he decides that he has exhausted, with his 85-percent support rating could afford to make the system turn to the right”, – said the analyst.

As concludes , “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the experts commenting on the personnel decision of the President, noted that professional experience Kiriyenko is useful from the point of view of the development of dialogue with all political actors. This appointment rather process, said political analyst Alexei Mukhin. Another political scientist Oleg Matveychev also calls Kiriyenko human “state and system”.

The main objectives of Kiriyenko in his new post will be to ensure the campaign and the preservation of the image of power, experts say 06.10.2016

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