The installation of Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible – in the city of Orel – support more than half of Russians (53%), against one in five (19%), according to a poll conducted by “Levada Center”, reports “Interfax”.

Undecided 27% of survey participants, conducted October 21-24 among 1,600 people in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation. To assess the legacy of Ivan the terrible are unable 37% of Russians. According to other respondents, this ruler brought the country more good (49%) than poor (13%).

According to sociologists, the Russians know of Ivan the terrible in the first place as “the first Russian Tsar” (66%), a “murderer of his own son” (35%) and “ruthless tyrant” (20%). With the strengthening and expansion of the state name of Ivan the terrible bind 17% of respondents, 16% are associated with him oprichnina, 15% – the Astrakhan and Kazan campaigns, strengthening of autocracy.

8% of survey participants mentioned that Ivan the terrible had many wives and he built St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moreover, Russians associate the name king with the reform of military service and the creation of Strelets troops (7%), reforms in public administration and the justice system, campaigns against the Crimean khanate and the conquest of Western Siberia, the establishment of a Printing house (for 6%).

The official opening of the monument to Ivan the terrible took place in Oryol on October 14, despite public protests and a court ban. Initially, the monument was planned to install on 3 August in honor of the 450th anniversary of the eagle, however, owing to protests, the city authorities have postponed the installation of the monument and conducted a survey of citizens. Later they stated that, according to the findings, the majority of residents supported the idea. For the installation of the monument was also supported by Patriarch Kirill.

The second monument to Ivan the terrible plan to open November 4 in Alexandrov, Vladimir region. In addition, the country may receive the street of Ivan the terrible. This initiative was made by one of the public organizations of St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile, protests against the installation of monuments disputed historical figure did not stop. At the end of October in Krasnoyarsk region a local resident has set up an ironic monument to the terrible in the form of Cola. Last weekend the number was cut down by the authorities.

Around the same time, already installed a monument in the eagle has been the attack on the head of the monument to put the bag and into the teeth of the horse on which the king is sitting, put the plaque with the inscription: “the Stuffiness of some kind, darkness…”. On Monday it became known that the vandal found. He was a resident of Yaroslavl. The young man was arrested and fined for disorderly conduct.

The majority of Russians support the installation of the eagle monument “tyrant” and “the synoubiytsa” Ivan the terrible 01.11.2016

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