Almost 60% of Scots would vote for independence from great Britain in the event of a second referendum, according to a survey conducted for Scottish newspaper the Sunday Post. On the eve of the first Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that the Cabinet of Ministers has approved preparations that this option was possible.

A Sunday Post poll was conducted a few hours after the official announcement of the results of the referendum in the UK on the issue of EU membership. In the course of it against Brexit spoke the most Scots. And now 59% support the idea of independence from Britain, where the majority decided to withdraw from Evrosoyuza.

As noted by RIA “Novosti”, such sentiments are gaining popularity among elderly population: 47% of seniors would vote for an independent Scotland. In addition, a relatively small percentage of undecided citizens.

The first referendum on Scottish independence held on 18 September 2014: 55% voted to remain part of the United Kingdom.

In a referendum on the question of a British exit from the European Union with a minimum margin win supporters of Brexit. The refusal to join the EU was supported by 51.9% of voters. Prime Minister David Cameron then announced his resignation.

As the columnist Sky News Dominic Waghorn, the resignation has considerably complicated the issue of parting with the European Union. British Prime Minister should initiate the application of the 50-th article of the Treaty of Lisbon the EU. But Cameron, a passionate advocate for the preservation of Britain in the Union left it to his successor at the head of the Conservative party. In addition, it is unclear whether the actions in the framework of the 50th article to be ratified by Parliament. There is a majority of MPs are against Brexit, but the refusal to endorse the verdict of the voters would jeopardize the idea of a democratic vote.

The majority of Scots voted for independence from Britain 26.06.2016

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