After the Basmanny court of Moscow yesterday has extended until July 28, the house arrest of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Domodedovo Dmitry Kamenshchik in the case of the terrorist attack of 2011, the airport’s management once again reminded the public of its position on groundless detention of Mason and selected it a preventive measure. This is stated in the press release, which is at the disposal of edition

Representatives of Domodedovo declare that the court has once again disregarded the defense’s arguments and requirements of the Prosecutor’s office, which also insists on the innocence of a top Manager. Also not been accounted for given in the course of the hearing the decision of Plenum of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 19 December 2013 N43 “About practice of application by courts of the legislation on preventive measures in the form of detention, house arrest and bail”.

The document provides that during the extension of the measure of restraint required more specific arguments than in its original setting. In its statement, the investigation was limited to a set of standard formulations without specification, added in the press service of the airport.

According to them, the court drew attention to the fact that two months of restriction of freedom in respect of under house arrest for the Mason there has not been any investigative actions.

“The legal position of the Domodedovo airport in part of groundlessness of the apprehension and the measure remains unchanged. We are still interested in an objective approach to the consideration of all the circumstances of the case. Decision of the Basmanny court decision will not affect the operating activities of the Moscow airport Domodedovo and the obligations to the partners of the company”, – assured the representatives of the airport.

Himself a Bricklayer during the next court session yesterday reiterated his innocence. “In fact, I was charged two actions: “increase the vulnerability of the airport” (and we know that such article in the Criminal code there) and the second act is “to prevent the attack” (article offense for the failure of the attack is also absent). Strictly speaking, every person on the planet may bring any accomplished the attack. After all, if it happened, it did not prevent”, – he noted.

On 8 April, the business Ombudsman of Russia Boris Titov has sent President Vladimir Putin a letter with a request to facilitate the termination of the criminal prosecution of top managers of Domodedovo airport and its owner Dmitry Mason in the case of the terrorist attack in 2011. Earlier with the similar request to the Investigation Committee has made and the state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

In a letter to Titov notes that an appeal to him has written to themselves the defendants in the case, and encloses a copy of their treatment. According to the Ombudsman, unreasonable prosecution of the leaders of the airport continues, despite the measures taken to reduce pressure of law enforcement bodies on business.

In a letter to Titov recalled and the position of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, which has repeatedly made demands to stop criminal prosecution against officials of Domodedovo “in connection with absence in their actions of structure of a crime and the cancellation of the chosen measure of restraint”.

The Prosecutor’s office from the beginning of the investigation stated that the cause of death of 37 people in 2011 were the actions of the terrorist Magomed Yevloyev, not airport officials. In this regard, according to the Department, the matter should be considered under part 1 of article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Rendering of services not meeting safety requirements without serious consequences”), the Statute of limitations which had expired.

The management of the state office of public Prosecutor considers that “between the actions of the terrorist and the consequences of no causal relationship”, and the Supervisory authority already three times tried to challenge the criminal case and the arrest of the accused.

Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky was sent to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin letters 9, 24 and 29 February, demanding to cancel charged the defendants charges of providing services not meeting safety requirements, and to release them from custody.

However, after the first treatment, not considered by the IC in due time, February 18, was detained the actual owner of the airport Dmitry Mason, and the next day, 19 February, the Basmanny district court put him under house arrest.

In the second treatment Malinowski demanded to cancel the resolution on bringing charges against defendants in the criminal case and release them from custody, and in the third – to stop criminal prosecution behind absence in their actions of structure of the crime provided by article 238 of the criminal code. Answers from the RCDS in the state office of public Prosecutor has not received, and the Moscow city court has left accused under guards.

Attorneys Mason and the public Prosecutor tried to challenge the legality of initiation of criminal proceedings against him in Domodedovsky city court of Moscow region, but the court refused to consider the complaint of defenders, finding that it should do the Basmanny court earlier sanctioned the arrest.

The management of “Domodedovo” insists on the innocence of the owner of the airport Dmitry Mason 15.04.2016

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