The head of the Russian capital Sergei Sobyanin has published statistics on the fight against crime, speaking at an expanded citywide meeting on crime prevention in Moscow. From these figures it follows that in a few years the number of murders decreased by almost half. Fragments of speech, Sobyanin leads the official website of the Moscow mayor.

“Over the past six years, the most serious crimes, murder in Moscow decreased by 40%. Also decreased the number of cases of harm to health, violence, kidnappings,” said the mayor.

He has instructed the Metropolitan police and militias “continue systematic work on the prevention of pickpocketing in the city.” According to Sobyanin, this year the number of pickpocketing has declined: “a Reduction of approximately 7%, but still it remains, of course, very big”.

“Each year more than 80 thousand Muscovites and visitors of capital have become victims of pickpockets and other street thieves,” added the mayor.

He stressed that pickpocketing is particularly dangerous due to the fact that taking someone else’s credit card and a smartphone, criminals can access your Bank accounts and personal information of citizens.

In General, from the beginning of 2016 the total number committed in Moscow crimes declined by nearly 9%. Prosecuted 1419 participants of organized groups and prevented more than half a million administrative offences.

The number of rapes reported decreased by 33%, intentional grievous bodily harm – by 1.3%, robberies by 19%, burglaries by 33% and car thefts by 32%.

Sobyanin added that, since a significant portion of these crimes are domestic in nature, should strengthen preventive work in the community, including confronting domestic violence, disorderly conduct and other forms of antisocial behavior.

The mayor noted the important role of modern means of photo – and videofiksatsii in solving crimes. From the beginning, the effectiveness of the use of video cameras in investigations increased by 70%. “With the help of video information disclosed 2416 crimes, including 12 murders, 44 of the fact of deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm, robbery and 302 129 robberies,” said the chief of GU MVD in Moscow Oleg Baranov.

The fight against illegal migration

In Moscow “has significantly reduced the level of violations of immigration law and reduced the number of crimes committed by residents of other cities.”

“Every year the city issued about 400 thousand patents in the amount of 12 billion rubles, which in principle covers the costs of the city on adaptation of migrants and members of their families”, – said Sobyanin.

According to him, today the Ministry of internal Affairs much less than one or two years ago, applies to migrants such measures as expulsion or the closing of entry into the country. “But, of course, the most important result was a significant 30% reduction in crime among migrants. You know, they committed more than half of all crimes in Moscow”, – said Sergey Sobyanin.

However, the fight against illegal immigrants will continue. “According to various estimates, today around 40% of migrants work in the city illegally,” says the mayor.

According to him, the problem remains the migrants from the countries of the Eurasian economic community, who do not pay taxes and often live in unsanitary conditions.

In 10 months of 2016 the number of completed nonresident citizens of crimes in Moscow decreased almost 6%, said the head of research Affairs of Moscow the General-the major of police Oleg Baranov. “Identified more than 600 crimes related to illegal immigration. 70% increase in the number of established criminal facts are fictitious registration of foreigners at the place of residence and stay. To administrative responsibility for violation of migration legislation involved more than 77 thousand citizens,” he said.

All in all, outside of Russia, was expelled 716 foreign citizens 11 thousand foreigners vessels ordered to leave the country on their own.

The mayor: in 6 years the number of murders decreased by 40 percent 29.11.2016

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