In the Philippines, where the authorities are waging a bloody campaign against drugs, killed the mayor of a city on the island of Mindanao, whom the police suspected of trafficking prohibited substances. According to Reuters, the official was shot by the police in the fight against drugs.

How to tell the Philippine law enforcement officers, they attempted to stop three cars, but they opened fire. In the end, killed the mayor and nine members of his entourage – all of them died from his injuries on the way to the hospital. None of the officers were not injured.

The official version says that the mayor was involved in the drug trade. “It was a legitimate police operation, – said the head of the police station in North Cotabato Bernard Tayong. – We had information that the mayor and his men were transporting drugs, so we tried to intercept, but they decided to have a shootout”.

According to Reuters, the fight against drugs, which began with deprived areas and slums, goes to another level: now the police and the people’s punishers took on the transport network, show business, night clubs and rich neighborhoods.

Hard struggle with drugs started after the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte took office on June 30. As a candidate, he promised to fight drug trafficking in the country by any means. During the election campaign Duterte urged Filipinos to deal with drug traffickers and even saidthat he would kill his own children if they try drugs.

Months of his reign occurred about 3.6 thousand murders, approximately 1,375 people were killed during police operations, more than 2233 people have become victims of so-called vigilantes, who also has received permission to kill without trial. A large proportion of murders lies on the conscience of secret police death squads, specially created for the elimination of drug addicts.

The mayor of a Philippine town were killed in a shootout with police, involved in combating drug trafficking 28.10.2016

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