Authorities Alicastro Cilento, a small town in the Italian province of Campania, with a population of 2,200 people decided to surprise the world with a giant statue of one of the most revered in the land of the saints – Padre PIO. The height of the monument should be almost twice as high as the statue of Liberty. The project cost 150 million euros.

The decision of the administration caused a real outrage among local residents who say that roads and city water are in poor condition, and announced in 1994 a plan to build a pool of power was considered unrealistic, but now they are ready to pay good money for the monument.

However, the mayor of Alicastro Cilento is convinced that the arrival of the monument is 85 meters high will draw pilgrims and will make it one of the centers of religious tourism.

Meanwhile, the residents of these arguments do not agree, they consider the project a waste of money, while living conditions of some segments of the population of the town resemble “the standards of third world countries, and for only one design project of the monument will need to pay 15 million euros.

A survey conducted on the social network Facebook, showed that most residents were against the installation of the statue.

In protest a group called the government’s decision shameful. “Saint PIO is unlikely to want a monument to him was spending 150 million”, – wrote one of the band members Monica di Lorenzo.

“We live in the third world, include the water through the day, the roads are not put in order” – outraged residents, calling the monument “a monster”.

However, the lack of support from the population does not stop the administration. They believe that the monument, whose height will be 39 meters more than the new York statue and will Eclipse even the famous sculpture of the Savior in Rio-de-Janeiro will be the city’s pride.

Still, observers are puzzled where the city will find money for this expensive project. In the opinion of the administration, part of the funds should come from public funds, EU programmes, but the bulk of the budget will be formed through donations from private sponsors. So the story of the monument is far from complete, says The Local.

Padre PIO, or Saint PIO of Pietrelcina (1887-1968), priest-monk from the Capuchin order. He enjoys special love among Italian Catholics. To the saints he was canonized 16 June 2002 by Pope John Paul II.

Padre PIO is credited with many miraculous acts. Believers are convinced that he possessed supernatural powers. Among them:

– the stigmata on the hands, feet, and side on the ground the wounds of the crucified Christ. Some authors argue that the blood, arising from the stigmata, it had a pleasant floral smell;

– bilocale – simultaneous presence in two places and the ability to instantly move from place to place;

– the ability to predict the future;

on the confessional “see” life ispoveduyuschaya, instantaneous determination of the degree of his sincerity;

– miraculous healing. The most famous case of Gemma di Giorgi, the girls mentioned that she was born without pupils. She gained the ability to see after a visit to Padre PIO;

mystical battle with Satan, which took place at night in the monk’s cell.

The mayor of an Italian town have decided to spend on the statue of St. €150 million 20.01.2016

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