City hall of Kaliningrad in response to the request to conduct this city’s gay pride parade November 4 – national unity Day – proposed to move the action of sexual minorities on another date and spend it not in the city centre, as would the LGBT activists, and in the distant South the Park near the monument to the fallen heroes of the Komsomol, told the applicant the activities of the famous Moscow gay activist Nikolai Alekseev. In the mayor’s office advised not to jump to conclusions.

“The authorities of Kaliningrad allowed me to hold a gay parade in the Park “South” on the platform at a monument to heroes-members of the Komsomol, killed in the storming of königsberg, after November 12, at any convenient time for me,” Alexeyev wrote on his page in the social network “Vkontakte” and published in the same scan of the letter from the city administration, signed by the acting mayor Natalia Dmitrieva.

This document specifically on the gay parade does not mention the “New Kaliningrad”. The letter said that holding of mass actions in the places specified in the application cannot be consistently because these sites “do not meet the requirements of law, order and public safety during public events”.

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Later in the mayor’s office explained that Alekseev and other LGBT activists rejoiced too rushed to trumpet that the Kaliningrad oblast could become the first Russian region where will take place the authorities permitted a gay pride parade. “This letter is not a permit to hold a gay pride parade, and our response to the citizen”, – quotes Agency Regnum head of research, monitoring and public relations of the mayoralty of Kaliningrad Vladimir Abramov.

“There was an appeal from Mr. Alekseev from Moscow with a request to hold a gay pride parade on Tchaikovsky street in Kaliningrad, he told reporters. In accordance with the law we told him that this street is not included in the list of places approved for holding public social events. In the letter we pointed out that there is one place in Kaliningrad, which allowed all sorts of events and parades – Park “South”.

“We informed the applicant that it is necessary to change the dislocation. At this stage, our actions are completed,” – said the representative of city administration. He added that Alekseyev had copied the application and it is under consideration at city hall.

A similar story happened earlier in Ivanovo. 27 Sep Alekseev has hastened to declare that the municipality of the city approved an application to hold a gay pride parade in support of tolerant attitude and respect for the rights and freedoms of persons of homosexual orientation and gender minorities in Russia. Soon, however, the hall denied this, saying that went, “pad”, as the Deputy head of the city administration to agree to hold a gay event, not have the necessary powers.

In September LGBT activists have applied to hold a gay pride parades in many cities – Saint-Petersburg, Belgorod, Kursk, Orel, Kaluga, Tula, Tver, Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Tyumen, but all were rejected under various pretexts, although two years ago in St. Petersburg without any emergency was agreed with the city authorities, a meeting of LGBT activists.

The Moscow authorities since 2006, was denied to the LGBT community in the conduct of any public events. However, in October 2010, the European court of human rights (ECHR) in Stasbourg recognized bans on gay parades in the capital in 2006, 2007 and 2008 contrary to the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. After this the city authorities in 2012 decided to ban gay pride parades in Moscow for 100 years.

The mayor of Kaliningrad, proposed to hold a gay pride parade at the monument to the heroes of the Komsomol in South Park 26.10.2016

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