In a small town near Naples Boscotrecase as a result of the scandal, the municipality has lost a lot of municipal workers, after which the mayor has decided to opt out of certain positions, reports Reuters.

Not so long ago the police arrested 23 employees of the municipality after numerous absences. Officials have not released the job – sometimes from their duties shirked more than 30 people.

During the investigation it was revealed about 200 cases of absenteeism reported to the police Boscotrecase. The workers were suspended from work for a period of six to 12 months and run the risk of being fired.

Municipal workers appeared in the town hall, however, once registered its presence with the help of identification cards, went about his business. Some do not even bother with such procedure, their colleagues have said. For example, in one of the video cameras visible, as the man, covering his head with a cardboard box so as not to give himself registers the two cards.

Pietro Carotenuto, elected just a month ago the mayor of the city, home to 11 thousand people, said: “I may have to close the hall.” According to him, four main Department of the town hall have been closed due to staff shortages.

In the number of arrests of unscrupulous officials, charged with fraud against the state, became also head of the local traffic police and the head of the accounting Department of the city.

The mayor of the Italian town had to roll the town hall because of absenteeism of subordinates 13.07.2016

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