The municipality of Sochi overturned the ban on night swim at the municipal beach without waiting for her to send a petition with a relevant requirement, which now began to collect signatures on the Internet.

“Sochi city administration, taking into account the interests, first and foremost, the residents
the city rejected the idea of imposing restrictions on the beaches in
night time”, – stated in the message published on Monday,
July 11, on the website of the city administration.

Note that the report appeared under the headline: “Ban on night
bathing in Sochi will be”, although in the municipality of Sochi explained that was not forbidden
to bathe on city beaches before 08:00 and after 20:00, but only “not

“The authorities take into account the fact that many residents will visit the beaches that is
in the early morning or in the evening after work. And to deprive them of this opportunity
it would be wrong”, – stated in the message. This was a key argument in the petition, which States: “Many residents used to take sea baths in the morning and the evening, this decision deprives them of the benefits of residence in the territory of the resort city”.

“The head of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov said that all actions
authorities aimed at ensuring the safety of guests and residents
the resort, including in beach areas. On the beaches of the city
08:00 to 20:00 mandatory duty doctors and rescuers. In
the rest of the time swimming in the sea takes place without the supervision of specialists and
becomes unsafe,” he recalled in authority.

Lovers of night bathing the municipality warns that “in the dark
days doctors and lifeguards on the beaches there”, “accordingly, they
are responsible for their own safety and must comply with
the requirements of the legislation”.

“Drinking alcohol on the beaches, bathing in state of intoxication and
the wrong places is prohibited. This practice acts on
many resorts of the world”, – underlined in the message.

The decision of the Sochi authorities to restrict access to the municipal beaches drew criticism. In particular, the mayor pointed out that the extra prohibitions scare off tourists.

The mayoralty of Sochi has lifted a ban on night swimming 12.07.2016

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