The media reported the beating in Sevastopol the head of the tourism development centre Catherine Himicheva after the question about the salary. About the incident to the office of the head of the Department of priority projects of the city Sergey Gradirovskiy writes the edition “Arguments of week”. Official in a TV interview, said that Himicheva malign him and his subordinates.

According to the version of Himicheva, she was called into the office Radioscope on the labor question. She told the chief that on the date of employment she was not paid a salary. After that, Himicheva beaten and thrown out of office.

“Arguments of the week” lead in the publication of reference photos from the neurosurgeon who fixed “the damage to the soft tissues of the head,” due to the beatings. “I don’t know what I did to beat me on the head. People just seem to not able to take responsibility for debt repayment,” said Himicheva.

The Department’s priority projects announced the start of verification and the lack of review before it is finished.

However, Sergey gradirovskiy on the background caused by resonance commented on media reports in a television interview, he said that Himicheva lying and promised to prove his innocence in court. “I will write the statement, two of my colleagues, who were participants in the incident will write a statement that is a direct slander… I’m two years she was head of staff of the Legislative Assembly and all know how I treated his subordinates. The party that is now attacking the Governor, attacking members of the government – they had to think well before you choose this method of attack”, – quotes the official SevNews.

The media learned about the beating of the head of the center for tourism development in Sevastopol after the question about salary 08.10.2016

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