U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who the media have repeatedly predicted the resignation because of disagreements with President Donald trump seriously pondered retirement after an open conflict with the head of the White house after which he allegedly publicly called the President a “jerk.”

According to TV channel NBC News, this summer Tillerson was very close to retirement after the accumulated contradictions with trump. In particular, the head of the American foreign Ministry was furious after the President delivered a highly politicized speech before the members of the organization “boy Scouts of America”, which was previously headed by Tillerson.

In addition, citing three knowledgeable source, the channel reported that after the meeting in the Pentagon, which was attended by members of Cabinet and members of the team for national security, Tillerson was so disappointed with trump’s position on foreign policy, then, in the course of conversation with colleagues in the absence of the head of state also called “jerk.”

In early September, the journalists of the Foreign Policy has already predicted the resignation Tillerson because of disagreements with trump. The experts then noted that in recent days, the head of the U.S. foreign policy establishment increasingly avoided public statements on topical issues, including the problem of Iran’s nuclear programme and the situation around North Korea.

Journalists, citing current and former employees of the state Department wrote that to change Tillerson, the post of chief diplomat of the United States can acting permanent representative to the UN , Nikki Haley.

Shortly before that, the Washington Post, citing sources close to the entourage of the head of the White house, wrotethat trump more and more disillusioned with Tillerson. The sources claimed that the President frequently irritated by the actions of his aides, advisors and Cabinet members. According to journalists, the trump and the head of the state Department, in particular, did not agree on when discussing the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and the siege of Qatar and Cuba.

The press has repeatedly predicted the resignation Tillerson. In late July, this is also reported by CNN. According to him, Tillerson had disagreements with trump, but the recent confrontation with the President increased sharply.

Tillerson spoke to the media with explanations, but did not refute the information about the insults.

According to NBC News, after Tillerson bluntly spoke to the trump, only the Vice-President of the US Michael Penny managed to persuade the head of the American foreign Minister not to resign on their own. During the dialogue, Pence persuaded Tillerson to modify at least until the end of the year.

The same information is confirmed to USA Today. In this edition indicates that the Vice President could not be aware of the abuse that Tillerson admitted. to the colleagues, however, he knew that the chief U.S. diplomat for a long time could not find a common language with the President.

Soon after the appearance of publications NBC News Tillerson spoke to reporters at an unscheduled briefing and denied any reports that he ever was thinking about retirement. At the same time, the head of the state Department praised the foreign policy of the U.S. President and said that is part of the team that tries to “make America great again” (slogan of the election campaign trump – Approx. NEWSru.com).

While Tillerson did not deny media reports that he allegedly called the President “a dick”. It is only limited to the phrase that “will not participate in attempts to divide the nation.”

Trump called NBC News “fake media” and demanded an apology

Scandalous story that has unfolded in the United States October 4, already commented on, and the President of the United States. In his favorite manner – through the social network Twitter , the head of the White house lashed out against journalists reporting on his differences with the chief U.S. diplomat.

“Wow, today a lot of fake news stories. No matter what I do or say, they will not write or speak the truth about me. Fake media out of control. NBC News is fake news, and even more dishonest media than even CNN. It is a disgrace to honest journalism,” said trump.

He continued, saying that absolutely not surprised that the ratings are “fake media” drop. “The Secretary of state Tillerson and Vice-President Penny needs to completely refute the history of NBC News. And they should apologize to America,” – said the head of the White house.

The media learned about the conflict trump and Tillerson: U.S. Secretary of state when colleagues called the President “a dick” 05.10.2017

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