Two us officials, who visited in November last year in St.-Petersburg the international conference on aspects of the fight against corruption, was poisoned during his stay in Russia. According to journalists of”Radio Liberty”that refer to an unnamed informed sources from the U.S., to incidents could be involved in the Russian special services who wanted to intimidate foreign diplomats.

According to journalists, the victims are a man and a woman, arrived in Russia on a diplomatic passport, was poisoned with a drug that leads to complete or partial immobilization. The American investigation came to the conclusion that the drug they received in the bar of the hotel where they stayed during the conference. The interlocutors of journalists said that the victims were poisoned in two separate incidents.

One of the victims was taken to Western medical clinic, located in St. Petersburg, where he wanted to take blood samples and tissues. At this point in the clinic there was a sudden power outage, causing the required samples failed to obtain, and when the American left the territory of the Russian Federation for further treatment, samples were taken too late.

American intelligence agencies demanded the management of the hotel work schedule of its employees, however, the hotel said that he had no such data this period. This statement the American party regarded as suspicious.

Journalists emphasize that affected U.S. officials had low rank and this is why the US state Department didn’t begin to make the incident public, but sent a note of protest. The Russian side, in turn, said that nothing could help the investigation as the Americans have no proof that the poisoning actually happened.

This summer, the American media wrote that the Russian intelligence and security services has for a long time persecuted and bullied American diplomats and staff of embassies not only in Moscow but also in other capitals of Eastern Europe. U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry because of the actions Russia has already had to ask Vladimir Putin to put an end to it and leave the diplomats alone.

According to American diplomats, employees of the Russian special services use different methods of pressure: chasing them on the way home, watching the members of their families, uninvited to social events and bribing journalists to write about them in a bad light.

The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, wrote that at the meeting in Washington the meeting of us ambassadors to Russia and other European countries,several U.S. diplomats working in European countries, talked about the cases of penetration in their homes at night.

According to the us publication, especially often similar incidents occur in Moscow. The practice began long ago – during his first term of Barack Obama’s security officers entered the apartment of the American military attache and killed his dog – but the cases started to spike after 2014.

The US state Department had to adopt a number of measures in response to actions of the Russian special services, according to the journalists. In particular, before sending to Europe for all U.S. diplomats now receive special instruction. In March of this year Secretary of state John Kerry spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a demand to cease harassment of diplomats, however, after this attack has not stopped, the newspaper notes.

“After Putin’s return to the Kremlin, Russia was involved in a very aggressive “gray war” throughout Europe. Now it was revenge for Western sanctions over the situation in Ukraine. Attacks on diplomats, all of which are already saying this is another front in this “grey war”, – explained the author of the material in The Washington Post, former U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic norm Eisen.

Later, the U.S. state Department commented on the publication, stating that the Russian service recently began to create more interference to professional activity of American diplomats, working in Russia. “Over the past two years, the scale of the oppression of our diplomatic personnel and the surveillance of him in Moscow on the part of security personnel and traffic police has increased significantly,” – said the official representative of Department Elizabeth Trudeau.

According to her, this trend is regularly saying the same thing and other Western embassies. “The United States will respond appropriately in accordance with us law and international law,” – said the diplomat. Answering the question about what Russian diplomats in the U.S. often become the object of provocation by American special services, Trudeau said that such allegations are devoid of any grounds.

The media learned about the poisoning of two American diplomats in St. Petersburg 04.10.2016

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