The group of companies “Renova” and her “daughters” of JSC “Integrated energy systems” (“KES”), later renamed as “T Plus”, since 2003 to 2008 derived from the company profits offshore, but also used funds of investment programs for the payment of loans and purchase of shares in generating and sales companies. Currently, top executives of “Renova” are suspected in the country more than 800 million rubles in bribes to the former leadership of the Republic of Komi.

As told to journalists a source close to the investigation in the case of the former head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, the user “IES” used funds intended for implementation of investment programs in accordance with the obligations under the contracts for supply of power (PDM) for the repayment of loans and purchase of shares in generating companies.

“The sum of the supply agreement of power, used inappropriately, “IES” CJSC amounted to 33.9 billion rubles. These funds through offshore company focused on debt service and acquisition of new assets”, – said the interlocutor of journalists (quoted by TASS).

According to him, in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and the government resolution “KES” was to send 41.2 billion roubles were raised during the issue of shares in subsidiary generating companies, the construction of additional capacity.

“However, the management of JSC “IES” the funds were wrongfully used to repay loans through various schemes used to purchase the missing shares in order to exercise control over the generating companies and operational management,” – said the source.

He noted that as a result of actions of the management of the company’s total debt to date is approximately 170 billion rubles, of which about one third of the debt owed to Sberbank credits for the purchase of shares in generating companies. In addition, the “T Plus” uses the schema associated with advances in the fuel supply, to withdraw funds in favor of the parent company Renova, which creates a risk of disruption of fuel supplies to the regions, the source said.

“In all the subjects of the Russian Federation, where there are company ZAO “KES”, from 2010, the practice of “fuel circuit”, which is implemented for the purpose of withdrawal of THC in favor of GK “Renova”, – said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, revenues and credit facilities of generation and sales companies included in the “T Plus”, was also used to pay off debts “T Plus” and “Renova”.

In “Renove” has denied the information on withdrawal of funds in offshore

To publish, appeared in the media about the withdrawal Renova offshore has responded to the company. The official representative of “Renova” Andrey Shtorkh in conversation with journalists stressed that the group companies do not have data on the claims of law enforcement bodies about withdrawal of funds to offshore.

“The information given in the TASS report, citing some anonymous sources, on the withdrawal of profits offshore is surprising – such claims anywhere and we were never presented, and from our point of view, they do not correspond to reality,” he said.

Last week, on March 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the head of group of companies “Renova” Victor Vekselberg. Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that at the meeting the issue of “case managers” of the company Renova, owned by billionaire, not raised.

Top managers of “Renova” are suspected of giving more than 800 million rubles in bribes to the former leadership of the Komi Republic in 2007-2014 years. Searches in the case of “Renova” in the office of the group in the center of Moscow took place on September 5 last year. On the same day the media reported the arrest of the managing Director and co-owner of group of companies “Renova” Yevhen Olkhovyk and Director of the company “T Plus” Boris wainzinher.

A court in Syktyvkar on 7 September sent the Olkhovyk and wainzinher under arrest. The day before, both top managers filed the charges in part 5 of article 291 of the criminal code “bribery in especially large size”, which to them threatens till 15 years of imprisonment. Previously, the investigation is directly connected top managers with the case of the arrested former head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, who has headed the Republic since 2010.

Another defendant in a criminal case is the former head of ZAO “KES” and the former head of “VimpelCom” Mikhail Slobodin. September 15 last year, was arrested in absentia by the city court of Syktyvkar on charges of bribery. Assistant to the Chairman of the city court of Syktyvkar Ivan Lodygin then explained that the arrest will act two months from the moment of detention, and addedthat Slobodin is in the international wanted list since September 12.

Slobodin, who led a subsidiary of Renova from 2003 till January 2011, resigned from the post of General Director of “Beeline” (a brand of VimpelCom), which he has held since 2013. According to investigators, occupying the post of General Director of “KES”, he was able to give bribes to officials of the Komi Republic in exchange for favourable tariffs on electricity and heat and other benefits and preferences. He is charged under article 290 of the criminal code of bribery for a total sum of 800 million roubles eks-the leadership of the Komi Republic.

The media learned about the withdrawal of offshore of more than 33 billion rubles, “Renova”. The company denied this information 21.03.2017

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