The Tu-154, the victim of the crash on December 25 in the area of Sochi, took place not only overhaul in 2014, but unscheduled before the disaster. It is reported by the Federal Agency news with reference to documents seized by investigators at the Samara aviation plant “Aviacor”, which was produced by the aircraft.

According to these data, the Tu-154 with tail number RA-85572 entered the plant in December 2016. The reason for an unscheduled repair was flow wing (depressurization of the fuel tank). After the restoration the aircraft was successfully tested, and the customer represented by the Ministry of defense has accepted the aircraft for work.

December 25 plane, which was carrying 92 people, crashed on the way to Syria. The causes of PE to the end is not yet known. It is expected that preliminary data may be received no earlier than January 2017.

On the eve, December 29, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, who heads the government Commission investigating the disaster, reported on “freelance work equipment” on Board the aircraft.

On the same day the chief of security Service of flights of aircraft of Armed forces of the Russian Federation the General-Lieutenant Sergey Baynetov announced at a press conference in Moscow that the version of terrorist attack on Board the Tu-154 is not excluded, but it doesn’t have to be a blast. “In addition to the explosion on Board could be some kind of mechanical effect“, he said, noting that traces of fire or explosion on the bodies of the dead passengers and fragments of the plane are not detected.

Previously released from the pre-press record voice flight recorder indicated that the plane had problems with the flaps, which, apparently, is cleared out of sync that could cause a crash.

The Tu-154 room 85572 was issued on 29 March 1983 at the Kuibyshev aviation plant (now the aircraft factory “Aviacor”), reported the Corporation “Russian machines”, which includes the Samara plant “Aviakor”. On the day of the crash Tu-154 representatives of the investigating authorities seized the factory with all documentation on the aircraft. Seized 39 huge folder with maintenance documentation and drawings for 2014 and 2016.

The day of the disaster, the Corporation also reported on the repair of the crashed aircraft, stating that the overhaul was performed in December 2014 at the factory “Aviacor”. He was the third in a row. From this point of requests for routine maintenance were reported. Accordingly, the PTO Board of “Aviacor” is not carried out.

The day of the disaster, the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov declared that decommissioning of the Tu-154 is premature. On December 27 it became known that the flight of aircraft Tu-154B-2 at the defense Ministry decision suspended until the reasons of the crash over the Black sea. This was reported by a source “Interfax” familiar with the situation. Dec 29, information confirmed by the Ministry of defense. At the same time in Department noted that the operation of aircraft of this type, which are used by Russian law enforcement agencies will continue, despite the crash.

The media learned of the unscheduled repair of the crashed Tu-154 shortly before the crash 30.12.2016

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