The American media reported the conspiracy in favor of Hillary Clinton during the investigation, the FBI data on the use of her private server for e-mail while working with U.S. Secretary of state. Sources Fox News say that the report with these conclusions was presented to the American Congress.

For the campaign, Clinton’s scandal with the use of private servers was a major issue, but in the end, former Secretary of state managed to avoid indictment.

Excerpts were presented on Friday to the Committee on intelligence and the Committee on oversight activities of the state bodies of the chamber of representatives of the U.S. Congress, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The FBI report indicates the collusion of high-ranking state Department official with the Bureau agents during the investigation into Clinton. The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party had previously admitted that the led official and private correspondence via your own private server. She, however, insisted that passed on secret data.

About the contents of the report told Fox News a Republican Congressman from Utah Jason Chaffetz familiar with the documents. He argues that the FBI report refers to “exchange at a counter-service”, which involved the under Secretary of state Patrick Kennedy, FBI. According to him, at least in one case, discussed the “changing classification of a document in exchange for the possibility of more positions for the FBI in missions abroad.” According to the channel, Kennedy tried to get the assignment speccode to hide certain letters from congressmen.

Himself Patrick Kennedy during the testimony of FBI December 21, 2015, categorically rejected accusations of trying to modify the classification of documents.

Clinton herself in the testimony in the case of the use of personal email for official correspondence and the disappearance of thousands of emails, said he did not remember details about which she was asked judicial authorities. The FBI investigation this year found the actions of the Clinton crime, although the head of intelligence pointed to the extreme indiscretion of the Secretary of state.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on 8 November. Rival Clinton speaks billionaire Donald trump, who became the candidate of the Republican party.

The media reported the conspiracy in favor of Clinton with the participation of the FBI 16.10.2016

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