Reporters learned about the unusual features of U.S. President Donald trump in the study of official documents. According to Reuters, the President read to the end only the reports of the national security Council (NSC) at the White house, which as often as possible mention his name.

As told reporters sources in the administration, counselors trump have to insert the name of the President “in as many paragraphs, as he continues to read if it was mentioned in the text.”

At the same time, it is reported that trump prefers short one-page documents and loves visual AIDS. “He’s a Builder and he spent his whole life working with architecture and floor plans”, – said the Agency representative of the NSC on the condition of anonymity.

Former adviser to former U.S. President George W. Bush on foreign policy issues Michael Sayn also pointed out another feature of the trump. “His manner to conduct diplomatic negotiations contrasts strongly with the approach of President Obama. It lies in the fact that the priority for trump are personal relations with certain politicians,” he said (quoted by TASS).

Eve media wrote that NATO take urgent measures to change the program of its upcoming summit so as not to test the President of the United States Donald trump is notorious for its short attention span. The Alliance advises the heads of States to limit their speech to two to four minutes in the debate.

According to media reports, trump makes the Alliance more nervous than any of his predecessors, forcing organizers to look for ways to make this boring event more lively.

“This is ridiculous, as they prepare to deal with trump. As if they will communicate with a child with someone with a very short attention span and fickle spirits who have no idea about NATO nor the interest in serious political issues, anything”, – said the knowledgeable source.

The media talked about love trump to single-page documents and visual AIDS 17.05.2017

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