In the Crimea on the ground of “Opuk” six MiG-29 fighters of the Western military
the County worked for bombing ground targets, simulating combat
the technique of conditional enemy within since the 5th of September
strategic command and staff exercises “Caucasus-2016″, according to a
Wednesday, September 7, on the website
The Ministry of defense.

According to the report, crews were rehearsing the group and
single UPS with unfamiliar airfield, aerial combat with
the use of missile and gun armament, as well as the destruction
ground objects using bombs, the P-50T. These bombs
intended for training of flight personnel, when hitting the target is not
explode and give colour light signal, such as an ordinary firecracker.

The purpose of the exercise was to improve the skills of pilots while working with
operational airfield over unfamiliar terrain. It was
involved six MiG-29, moved from Kursk to
operational airfield in Armavir in the Krasnodar region. All crews
dropped 12 bombs, hitting any ground targets. During the exercise
pilots used rocket and cannon armament, and worked
care of the air defense imaginary enemy.

The ground of “Opuk” named after the Cape Opuk, located on
The black sea coast of Kerch Peninsula of the same name Cape. It
the far ground of the brigade of Marines black sea fleet.

Su-27 intercepted the “enemy” missile

On the duty of su-27 fighter jet of the southern military district (YUVO)
worked night interception of three long-range bombers conditional
the enemy, whose role is fulfilled missile Tu-95MS, reports TASS.

“On duty a couple of su-27 fighters of the southern military district command
“Air” for three minutes took off from the airfield in
the Republic of Crimea and decided to hit all air targets within
strategic command and staff exercises “Caucasus-2016″, – stated in
the Ministry of defense.

The role of a simulated enemy aircraft performed three crew
bomber Tu-95MS. “The crews were taken out of the calculation points
guidance on the specific boundaries of the launches, where probation was amazed at all the
goal. At the moment, the crews of fighter aircraft of the southern military district continues to carry
combat duty for air defense”, – added in
the press-service.

In addition, the Black sea and the Caspian sea on 7 September the mine-sweeping
group of the black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla successfully carried out
mine deployment forces and groups in the marine
areas. They performed the transaction for trawls combat ships
security, and combat exercise on initiation and trawling
sea min.

The crews of the mine-sweeping ships worked a training grenade and
the transmission signals of the lighting means of communication. Now
while they continue to perform control and reconnaissance in search min.
the dispersal areas of the black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla.

Strategic exercises “Caucasus-2016″ is in the South of Russia from 5 to 10
Sep. As reported before, the press service of the defense Ministry, it will attract more
12.5 thousand soldiers. This doctrine verified by the real
the state of combat and mobilization readiness of troops.

“Caucasus-2016″ is the final stage in a series of command and staff and
special exercises,
training of military control bodies, and sudden
combat readiness of troops held in 2016.
Earlier concerns about Russian military exercise and the increased tension
on the border of Crimea with Ukraine is expressed
The US and Georgia going to join NATO.

The MiG-29 worked in the Crimea, the bombing simulated enemy 07.09.2016

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