In Stavropol Krai an attack on the regional police station. The terrorists tried to enter the territory of the police Department novoselytskyi area, but they did not succeed. One of the attackers was killed, others were blown up, has informed “Interfax” in GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of the region. In the region will introduce the WHO.

“At 10:09… near the territory of the regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs
the battle began, suicide bombers tried to enter the territory
Department, but it failed. Three of them were blown up in five or six
metres before reaching the building of the interior Ministry”, – said a source in law enforcement bodies.

“The victims among police and the population”, – reported in
the regional administration.

“Today we have eliminated two militants who tried to attack novoselitsky police Department. Dead and injured there,” confirmed TASS in the press-service of management of the Affairs of the region.

The Stavropol territory Prosecutor Yury Turygin said that has information about three suicide bombers staged explosions at the building of regional Department of police. “Now I follow the scene, know about the three terrorists on death row. It is already known that among the police there were no injuries”, – he told “Interfax”.

As assured the Prosecutor, the crime scene cordoned off, investigation team began work. “We have promptly ordered the set of measures for the strengthened protection of social, school and preschool institutions up to the block inputs and outputs, so that no one oseronni did not get there”, he added.

By order of the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev in the Stavropol region sent operative group of skilled employees of the Central apparatus of the MIA of Russia.

In UFSB on region has informed on introduction in the territory of Novoseletsky municipal area of counter-terrorism operation. TASS noted that what happened in Novoseletska has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack. The issue of initiation of legal proceedings, the identity of the assailants is not yet established.

Bomb experts set the power of triggered explosive devices. “According to preliminary data, there were three explosion slightly damaged the building Department, and service vehicles”, – mark in law enforcement.

The channel LifeNews reports about the victims. Whether it be the bomber or someone else, was not specified. Eyewitnesses reported about automatic shooting, which was heard after several explosions.

In the region introduced a plan “Fortress”. By order of the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov placed under protection all kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

“In Kagarlyk district evacuated all kindergartens,
schools in the district hospital is only left 14 critically ill and
nurses who provides their treatment,” – said the head of the region’s journalists.

“It is not excluded that it was a red herring and can be
followed by other criminal acts,” said Vladimirov.

The militants attacked a police station in the Stavropol region 11.04.2016

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