Sunday in the territory of one of the tourist camps in Zakarpattia oblast men in camouflage uniforms staged a fight with shooting with the staff, reported on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

According to the Agency, as a result of the conflict two guards of the camp were damaged in the form of incised wounds, multiple bruises of the head and a broken leg. The victims were taken to hospital for medical care.

Local residents and conservation tourist camp managed to arrest five of the ringleaders of the brawl, the identity of the law enforcement officers did not specify. In fact the incident a criminal case under articles about hooliganism and illegal handling of weapons or ammunition.

According to the newspaper “the Voice of the Carpathians”, the incident occurred in the resort Dragobrat, and in the shootout was attended by militants of the banned in Russia as extremist grouping “the Right sector”. With reference to its own sources, the edition reports about four people, possibly with gunshot wounds.

Later the representative “Right sector” Andrey Kryzhevskaya stated that the group to fight in Transcarpathia has nothing. “I don’t know who it was, but the fighters of our battalions have more important things to do than to have a drunken bout. I assume that this is another provocation,” he said.

However, towards the evening one of the commanders of extremists, Andrey Lempicki recognized that in the conflict still appeared fighters of “Right sector”. Among them were head of the operational headquarters, nicknamed the Croat and commander of the 13th reserve battalion of the Kiev, known as the Devil. According to Stempitskoho, they fought in the Donbas, where they were shell-shocked “in the battle with Russian special forces”. Also in the scuffle was joined by three militants.

“A lot of information, so we do not make hasty statements on the basis of the tabloid press. It is not excluded that a conflict could occur on home soil. And Croat, and the Devil were shell-shocked and wounded in the war, so their psyche is particularly sensitive to any negative stimuli. They write that the use of a firearm, with a hint of what our soldiers, but for some reason the bullet wounds of our guys,” he told the portal

“Right sector” – initially an informal Association of radical nationalist organizations of Ukraine, members of which participated in the protests in Kiev in November 2013. 22 March 2014 on the basis of the “Right sector” was created by the eponymous Ukrainian political party. Its leader Dmytro Yarosh. In November last year, the Supreme court has recognized “the Right sector” terrorist organization and prohibited its activities on Russian territory. In January “the Right sector” was entered in the register of prohibited in Russia organizations.

The militants “Right sector” staged a gunfight in the camp in Transcarpathia 11.01.2016

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