The Russian government approved changes in rules of military supplies ware property in peacetime. The corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to the document, before June 1, 2022 shall be suspended by the issuance of a number of items, changing the timing of socks and the number of issued clothing. In particular, the military no longer will issue caps, and instead of two white shirts for five years will give just one.

Casual shirt long sleeve shirt short sleeve will be issued for three years instead of two. The amount of ties will reduce from two to one. But t-shirts will give three instead of two.

The document also suspend the issue of military garments of wool, including caps, jackets, pants, skirts, jackets and jackets. Officers of the airborne troops and military intelligence is allowed to issue boots instead of oxfords, and ankle boots to give autumn or winter.

The military will be deprived of woolen clothes and give one white shirt for five years 11.11.2016

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