The life of Muscovites who buy cheap products, it was not the most expensive in the country. This conclusion, according to RBC, came the authors of the study “Russia “bread and water”: the prices in the regions” conducted by the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR).

The same is true for non-food goods, in particular medicines. Month of life in Moscow, at minimum cost, as the study says, might be cheaper as in per person and per family.

The inhabitants of small towns and villages the choice is much less suffering from it in the first place the poor Russians.

In August and September, the researchers asked to observe the prices of goods to the residents of Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Nalchik, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod, as well as 17 small towns and villages with a population of 357 to 31 thousand people.
Study participants in all cases focused on the lowest prices. Goods can be not the highest quality, and to find them, buyers need to bypass several retail outlets.

The study showed that the most expensive the cheapest set of products costs of Bilibino Chukotka – 4660 rubles. Following are the Kievka (2070 rubles) in the Primorsky Krai, Kesten’ga in Karelia (1680 rubles), Vladivostok (1585 rubles) and the village of Veshenskaya in the Rostov region (1476 roubles). Moscow took sixth place, the capital cost of such a set is 1393 rubles.

However, official statistics based on data from Rosstat paints a different picture.

So calculations based on official data shows that a set of food, similar in range to what uses CEPR, the capital costs 5791 ruble.

The experts with whom talked RBC, explained that pricing in the segment of cheap and medium-cost goods are different: products in stock can I buy and a half, and two times cheaper than usual.

In addition, Rosstat data may not be deprived of the “political” part: in Moscow the average wage in two and a half times higher and no one will resist, if statistics show that the more expensive products. But official statistics says that prices in the regions far exceed in Moscow, could cause social protests.

The minimum food basket in the province, contrary to official statistics, was more expensive than Moscow 18.10.2016

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