The Minister of defence of Belgium has accused Russia of falsifying data about the impact on civilians near Aleppo. Stephen Vandeput in a statement on its website indicated that the identification number submitted by the Russian Ministry of defense, does not belong to his country’s air force.

Moscow presented the Brussels map with the route of flight, which is alleged to have committed the Belgian fighters.

“In the second half of the day, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation handed over to the military attaché of the Belgian Embassy in Moscow the alleged evidence that the F-16 Belgian air force responsible for the airstrike in the province of Aleppo in the early hours of 18 October, which led to the deaths of several civilians,” the document reads. “Put on the map ID number of “friend or foe”, which, according to the Russian Ministry of defense, has the Belgian aircraft, incorrect and do not apply to aircraft of the Belgian air force” – quoted by TASS statement by Vandeput. The document emphasizes that the Ministry of defence now expects the Russian side, “a formal rejection of the unfounded accusations.”

On Thursday, the defense Ministry released and promised to give Belgium information about the impact of F-16 fighters in the village of Hassidic at Aleppo. It claimed that the RAID killed at least six civilians. the defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the blow was struck, two Belgian F-16 night 18 October. “Being in the airspace of Syria, a Belgian aircraft from 02:52 refueling in the air in the vicinity of Deir ez-Zor from the American tanker KC-135 and then continued flying in a North-westerly direction. At 03:35 warplanes launched an air strike on a Kurdish village Hasagic in the province of Aleppo, which killed six citizens and wounded four. 04:19 both the Belgian aircraft made repeated refueling from U.S. tanker KC-135 and carried out air patrols in the town of Azaz North of Aleppo,” – said Konashenkov.

The General then stressed that Russia has “objective monitoring data”, and denies the charges Vandeput “either deliberately misleads the Belgian and the international community, or his subordinates, together with American colleagues deceiving the leadership of the Kingdom of Belgium”.

The Minister of defence of Belgium has accused Russia of falsifying data about the impact on civilians near Aleppo 21.10.2016

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