The Minister of defence of the Czech Republic Martin Stropnicky made a surprise announcement regarding the participation of Russia in the regulation of the migratory flow directed to the EU countries. The defense Minister reported that the Russian side funds the transportation of refugees to the EU.

Stropnicky in an interview with the newspaper MF said today that it did not expect in the near future the weakening of the flow of refugees seeking to the EU countries, informs “Radio Prague” referring to the print edition. The Minister said that the Minister of defence of Hungary shared data on that refugee transport buses allegedly financed by the Russian side. “I have information that I can not absolutely confirm, but not to believe her I have no reason” – said the Czech Minister.

Stropnicky called the alleged actions of Russia “actual massive campaign aimed at the European Union”. At the same time the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic noted that “close-knit and strong the EU is certainly the desire of the Russian Federation is not.”

In the Kremlin the words Stropnice called baseless, reports TASS. “If such statements actually taken place, they at least strange,” – said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Milan khovanets said that Russia’s actions could lead to a new influx of refugees from Syria and Ukraine, reported the”Prague Express” . “Air strikes of Russian aviation can result in the movement of 2 million refugees from Syria who are still in the country. In Syria, there are already 7.5 million internal migrants. Not to mention the situation in Ukraine, in which Russia is also involved. It is not excluded that the EU expects a new influx of refugees from two directions”, – said the head of the Czech Ministry of interior in the Parliament.

The Czech Republic should adopt the October 12, the first Syrian refugees in the framework of EU allowances, but instead the previously expected 70 families with sick children will arrive only 32 families. The reason for this was the fear of refugees that the country is inhospitable, the newspaper notes. Since June, in the Czech Republic was delayed 2.5 thousand illegal migrants, but refugee status was asked only 60 Syrians.

Under the system of allocation of quotas, the European Commission has obliged the Czech Republic to take three thousand refugees, wrote the portal DW. In Prague, made against, but said that to sue the EU because of this decision won’t be published Around Prague.

Czech Republic, like other European countries, in the summer of 2015 faced massive influx of migrants. Refugees mainly consider the Czech Republic as a transit country on the way to other, richer EU member States.

Since the beginning of 2015 on the territory of the European Union arrived about 500 thousands of migrants every day, their ranks swell with thousands of new arrivals. The European Commission said that the current migration crisis in the world is the largest since the Second world war.

The Minister of defence of the Czech Republic suspects Russia in the financing of the transport of migrants to the EU countries 12.10.2015

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