The Russian authorities do not intend to revive the pioneer organization, but we are ready to provide full support to the Russian students movement (RDX), which was established in 2015 by the decree of President Vladimir Putin. Founder RDS by the Federal Agency for youth Affairs.

On Friday during the meeting of the all-Russian Congress RDS in St. Petersburg of the Minister of education and science Olga Vasiliev asked whether the government is ready to provide
movement full assistance, including financial, like, “how the Soviet Union supported the pioneers”, reports “Interfax”.

“The ready state. And we deal with this issue”, – said the head of Department. Vasiliev also said that the pioneer was introduced in Soviet Russia in the early twentieth century by analogy with the scout movement in the West.

“Back to analogs today is hardly possible, but the best of this movement, of course, you have to take, because it is the organization of our children. It is including about the best educational practices,” the Minister added.

In the plenary session Vasilyeva was also asked about the inclusion in the mandatory list of references in school books about the war. Currently, students are required to undergo military poetry, and prose to the study offer teachers at its discretion.

“I think that works about the war should be in the mandatory part, I agree with you,” – said Vasilyev, reminding all present that before the end of 2017 in Russia will be prepared the concept of learning in basic school subjects on the basis of which in the future will create new textbooks. The Minister added that “it is impossible not to know” of such works as “the Destiny of man” by Mikhail Sholokhov.

In October 2015, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the establishment of a new youth movement for students in schools, which actually replaces the pioneer organization that existed in the Soviet Union. The new structure is called the movement of the Russian school.

In the decree signed by the head of state explained why you need the movement: “To improve the state policy in the field of education of the younger generation, promoting a personality-based characteristic of the Russian society system of values”.

As written media, to government officials at the time the decree of the President was unexpected. The Ministry of education could not immediately tell how it will be implemented. The source of journalists in the social block of the Cabinet of Ministers then stressed that the creation of the all-Russian movement of students – initiative “exclusively to the presidential administration”.

Many experts have compared the new structure with the pioneer movement, which, on a voluntary basis participated students. It existed under Soviet rule until 1991. The motto of the movement was the phrase “Always ready!”

In the Federation Council proposed to introduce labor education for students

The senators Victor Kress and Alexander Volkov submitted to the state Duma a bill, involving the introduction of labor education at all levels of General education in Russia.

The explanatory Memorandum States that under current legislation there is no concept of “labor education”, the law “On education” prohibits the employment of students without the consent of them and their parents. “A broad interpretation of this provision of the law leveled labor education in educational institutions,” the senators insist.

According to the draft law, labor upbringing should be carried out at all levels of General education in the framework of development of basic educational programs in accordance with Federal state educational standards and (or) additional educational programs.

The question of legislative basis of labour education in Russia in the state Duma discussed in the autumn of 2016, when the parliamentary Committee on education started to work on a package of legislative proposals of the Ministry of education. The head of the Committee Vyacheslav Nikonov noted that “the return of labour education caused a lot of disputes.” In turn, the Minister of education Olga Vasiliev, speaking in the Senate, said about the need to return to the education system cleaning children classes and work adjacent to the school site.

Earlier, immediately after taking office, Vasilyev at the all-Russian parent meeting announced their mini-program, according to which “the family and the school should foster a work ethic from a very early age”. “The Ministry of education completes the development of methodical recommendations on organization of labor activity of students”, – said the Minister.

The Minister’s call to force children to work has caused a wide reaction in society. Many questioned the feasibility of the proposal and saw it as a reincarnation of the school duty washing floors after school. Someone saw a hint to the future exploitation of child labour (on a personal plot of the school Director, for example). Someone took pity children: how can I do to get them to work with such a strong employment like today? Someone angered the irrationality of using free time of the student. But the question of labour education of children from the agenda has not been removed.

The Minister of education called a pioneer movement is one of the best “educational practices” 31.03.2017

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