The Ministry of culture distanced itself from the show with the dead animals in the Hermitage. On the eve of the leadership of the Fairgrounds refused to close the exhibition of the Belgian artist Jan Fabre on the background of the protests of animal rights activists. The Agency then issued a press releasewhich indicated that the exposure did not agree with officials.

Solo exhibition of Jan Fabre comes amid public outrage about the actions of the young zhivoderok, who tortured and killed animals and birds in Khabarovsk. On Saturday the court had arrested 18-year-old accomplice, who filmed the atrocities on video.

On the eve of the social networks have spread the hashtag “#Panoramica”, which has collected angry reviews about the exhibition “Jan Fabre. The knight of despair – a warrior of beauty”. Fabre often uses in his works parts of bodies of animals, and in the Russian exposition included effigies of dead stray animals. The Hermitage in response has launched its hashtag “#kaskisaari”. It is not widespread, however, generated discussion in the account of the Museum in Instagram. Opponents of the exhibition used the term “blasphemy”, “nothing sacred”, “notions” and wonder where in Belgium, Fabre found “as whole corpses.”

From the Hermitage commented on the situation head of the Department of contemporary art Museum Dmitry Ozerkov, who said that to dismantle the scandalous exposure will not. He also said that opponents are absolutely wrong understand the work of Belgian and, most likely, “Pasternak did not read”, but condemn.

Lakes explains that its exhibits Fabre raises problems of protection of animals thrown in the streets the owners, after which they die. “On this subject. speaks clearly, criticizing modern society that does not want to protect animals that turns a blind eye to existing problems. The reaction is divided into two categories. Some people think it’s an outstanding exhibition and the stage of the Hermitage’s exhibition activities. Others believe that it is a disgrace due to the fact that the artist tells about illegal animal rights. The second category are usually the people who judge it by the photos on the Internet that give no idea about anything,” said lakes BFM.

The Ministry of culture supported the position of the Hermitage, however, pointed out that the exhibition with the founder (Ministry of culture) are not consistent – “as practice shows, this trust relationship has allowed us to implement a popular and highly artistic projects.” In a press release of the Ministry said that this exhibition is “the exception, the proof that all forms of public presentation – is not only a mission, but a certain area of responsibility of the Museum, which can and should be able to answer”.

As a closed exhibition Sturges

At the end of September in Moscow was closed by the exhibition of the photographer Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment”. Gallery “Center of photography Lumiere brothers” did not survive the pressure member of the Public chamber of Anton Tsvetkov and his associates from among the “Officers of Russia” who came to explore the exhibits after the other photo Sturges was publicized on the Internet. Sturgis for many years watching nudists communes in different countries, and the number of his works are Nude children and adolescents. In Russia these photos brought.

Senator Elena Mizulina responded to the allegations against Americans, saying that he will ask Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to check the exhibition. Later the Commissioner for the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova called the exhibition “child pornography”, saying that already is “conversation with the Prosecutor’s office.”

After that, the exhibition was criticized and member OP the Flowers. The next day he visited the center of the photograph, taking with him several dozens of activists of the organization “Officers of Russia”. Flowers, after seeing the exhibition, found that child pornography on exhibition there, but expressed the view that about 15% of the shots “are on the verge of the law.” After the visit, the center of photography has announced that closes the exhibition because of public outcry.

The Ministry of culture distanced itself from the show with the dead animals in the Hermitage 12.11.2016

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