The first Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov sent to his colleagues a document with a list of artists whom it was not expedient to invite to the St. Petersburg international cultural forum. According to the photos of the documents, which published the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov, the black list, in particular, were directed by Alexander Sokurov, writer Boris Akunin and British film Director Danny Boyle.

“Dear colleagues! In connection with the office memo of Department of state support of art and folk art A.V. Malyshev from 30.03.2017 on the guest lists of the VI Saint-Petersburg international cultural forum shall submit a list of persons whose invitations to the forum would be inadvisable,” says the document signed by Deputy Minister of culture.

While Aristarkhov believes it is important to figure out “how these persons appeared in the list of invitees according to this memo Theint”. Just black list 12 names: Directors Alexander Sokurov, Danny Boyle, Christoph Christoph Marthaler, Lyubov Arkus, eng Lee, film critic, Andrey Plakhov, Director of the publishing house “Scooter” Irina balahonova, writers Boris Akunin, David almond, the journalist Fyokla Tolstaya, actor Eugene Yelchin, the French scholar Rene Guerra.

Venediktov also published a fragment of reference of the Ministry of culture, which deals exclusively about Akunin. The text specifically says that the writer “has a negative attitude to the Russian nation and its culture” and “writes books that are… contribute to the destruction of the traditional world picture of the Russian reader.”

Irina Kaznacheeva, the press Secretary of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, in a conversation with “Medusa”in turn, said that the office was “none of this document has never seen.” She stressed that “everyone is invited to the forum”. “We are surprised”, – summed up Kaznacheeva.

Later Venediktov wrote in a Telegram: “the Ministry of culture has assured me that “narisovannye” people will be invited to the forum and “not to upset and to upset important people in the state.” Will see”.

On the appearance of the document has already responded by Akunin himself. “Well what can I say? Only an idiot gives such recommendations in writing. Smart officials said would be the same on the phone, leaving no trace. Because the idiots are useless, probably, a career that Artamonova will end soon”, – quotes its words TV channel “Rain”. Director and editor of “Session” Love Arkus, in turn, on his page on Facebook reported that he is proud to be in the list.

VI St. Petersburg international cultural forum will be held from 16-18th November. In 2015 the forum was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The event is organized by the government of Russia and St. Petersburg.

On the website of the forum among the objectives of the event are listed to develop a national and global programs, “aimed at preserving and increasing cultural heritage of humanity”, creating “new effective mechanisms of the influence of culture on the development of modern society.” The forum should also “contribute to the achievement of intra-industry development objectives, ensuring the existence of culture as a self-contained social environment”.

The Ministry of culture has created a blacklist of Saint-Petersburg international cultural forum. Among them – the moon and Sokurov 06.10.2017

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