The Ministry of culture of the Chechen Republic will create a special working group that will monitor compliance with national traditions at weddings. In particular, representatives of the new structures will have the right to stop the violations and stop the festival, reports TASS with reference to the representative of the regional Ministry.

“There will be created special working groups, whose representatives will be present at weddings in public places and ensure compliance with the requirements for a traditional wedding. If they see something inappropriate our mentality in the form of clothing or inappropriate movement in dance, be it to stop,” he told reporters.

On the eve of the acting Minister of culture of the Chechen Republic Hozh-Baudi Daaev has held a meeting with the working group of the Department of culture of the mayoralty of Grozny, devoted to the traditional wedding events, it was reported on the official website of the Department.

During the meeting Daaev noted that working groups in Chechnya familiarized the population with the order of the traditional cultural events, however, inappropriate dress and inappropriate singing of the national dance still often found at weddings.

Previously, the Department of culture of the mayoralty of Grozny has been distributed to the city restaurants a code of conduct at the wedding, according to which during the festival is prohibited shooting, emergence drunk, the bride dance, as well as a number of actions in the dance, such as exchange partners, reminds journalists.

Note that in the spring of last year the Russian public and national media does discuss the wedding of 17-year-old Kheda (Louise) Goylabievoy and head of OMVD in the Chechen Republic of Naida guchigova, which, according to various estimates, or 47, or 57 years.

The story of the marriage drew media attention not only because of the significant age difference between the young bride and her future husband. First, Guchigov, according to the journalists, put the girl’s parents an ultimatum: either Golubieva be given for him voluntarily, or he takes it by force. Law enforcement also allegedly put up posts around the village, so parents don’t take the girl away from the elderly groom. Journalists have compared these actions with a bride kidnapping in Chechnya that was banned.

Secondly, in mass media there is evidence that Guchigov already married, and Golubieva supposedly wants to take a second wife. “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that on record allegedly said he Guchigov in a telephone conversation. Article 14 of the Family code calls among the circumstances hindering the marriage, a situation where the groom or bride you are already in another registered marriage. And article 27 recognizes the marriage invalid if there are circumstances, described in article 14.

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov, known for the wrestler with the gays and pedophiles, urged the interior Minister to evaluate “moral character” of the Chechen police.

Louise Golubieva in an interview with LifeNews on the day of the wedding stated that he was happy to marry. The channel also published a video registration of marriage. In the comments to a video of the wedding, many users say that Eliza looks like it’s “now vomit” or if she “drugged”.

Earlier media reportedthat Kadyrov had personally approved the Union guchigova and Goylabievoy, despite the fact that back in 2012 he was banned in the Republic of marriages with minors.

The Ministry of culture of Chechnya creates the “morality police” 26.10.2016

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