The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, who yesterday in an interview with TVC in the “Right to know” stated that in Russia there is no censorship, at the same time intends to lower the order of the theatres on the mandatory inclusion in their repertoire of songs about modern life in Russia.

Such a provision would be added to the state job budget theaters, which receive subsidies from the state and in return are required to perform their tasks. State job consists of statistical indicators total number of performances, number of spectators and new productions.

If in the Soviet years in the theater, there was a mandatory order for the production season, for example two performances on the classics, one on “the village”, one on the productive theme, today such rigid control yet. Moreover, because of funding problems, in particular, the Department of culture of Moscow, abolished on production of new plays, giving the capital’s theatres to decide for themselves what to spend money on the production of new plays or salary and gosnuzhdy. The only condition is that the provision of the necessary attendance of theatres.

The concept of “Public task” for the Russian theatres, it was introduced in 2012 by the Federal law N83. Then from the budget in theaters, the money began to arrive, specifically for new productions and number of performances. This amount was formed for each theatre depending on the performance of the previous activities. Later, the culture began to shape the budgets of the theatres not because of the number of impressions and the number of spectators, as if detached from the task of creating new productions.

In this situation, the management of many Russian theaters have turned to the Ministry with a request to return to sozdanie count on creation of new productions.

It is not excluded that the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation count that will return, but with a “load” in the form of mandatory topics for productions. As stated on the eve of Vladimir Medinsky, “as for ideas to include in the state job theatres a duty to have in the repertoire of plays about modern life in Russia, I’ll see if legally possible, the idea is correct”. “I’m sure this idea will work”, – he added.

Within the next month, the Department also implement the idea of creating “some form of the Council” at the theater. But according to the Minister, it is not the restoration of the arts Council in theaters, engaged in censorship. “We do not forbid the recovery of the artistic Council, if the Director, artistic Director of the theatre believes that it helps him,” said Medina, adding that the quality and content of work meets the artistic Director of the theater.

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation may lower the shipping instructions to the theatres to plays about modern Russia 21.11.2016

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