The Ministry of culture has published a directory of Patriotic music – it has over 8.000 works.

Directory created in the framework of the project “Open data”, which contains information on museums, theatres, cultural heritage sites, etc Directory of Patriotic songs allows you to search for songs by title or genre.

The songs in the most dedicated to the chanting of the deeds or the beauties of Russia. Many works on the battle of Borodino, Chapayev, the great Patriotic war, different regions of Russia.

There are several songs about the heroism of 28 Panfilov (e.g. “the Ballad of Panfilov” Zenobia Binkini or “Had their 28″ Lev Shulgin), a discussion which the Minister considers unacceptable.

Among the Patriotic songs were works devoted to Stalin and Lenin, said “Echo of Moscow”. For example, a search for the word “Stalin” gives three songs: “For the Motherland! For Stalin – forward!”, “For Stalin, for the Motherland!” and “Song of victory” with the words “We will of Stalin led”.

It is noted that the directory is not exhaustive. It only lists works. Over the placement of audio files are working, says the Ministry of culture.

The Ministry of culture presented a catalogue of Patriotic music 08.10.2016

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