The defense Ministry on Saturday reported on the progress of ceasefire in Syria: application to join the ceasefire received from a number of new factions, during the day it was recorded nine breaches, including tank shelling of one of the Syrian villages from the territory of Turkey. Syrian human rights activists have published statistics about the number of victims for the duration of the truce.

In the report of the Centre for reconciliation says that during the day the applications received to join the truce in Syria from eight
commanders of armed groups, negotiations with the leaders of the six groups. Just for a truce connected to 30 groups of “moderate” opposition. The negotiations are in the provinces of Damascus, HOMS, Dara’a.

NATO has recognized the efficiency of Russian air raids, media say

During the day, the defense Ministry has recorded nine cases of ceasefire violations, mostly in the suburbs of Aleppo, reports “Interfax”. It’s noted that one of the attacks happened in Turkey: “At 16:00 on March 4 from the area of the settlement Akcapar Turkish tanks shelled the village of Dikmetas (Idlib province)”.

The video, which allegedly depicted the shelling villages with tanks, posted on YouTube.

In the message the Ministry of defense emphasizes that “the Russian BKC and the Syrian air force strikes
by armed groups who supported the cessation of hostilities
action and reporting in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation
information about his location, not applied”.

It is reported that the Russian Center for reconciliation delivered 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid to the town of al-Suria in the province of Latakia. Local residents received food and bottled drinking water, medical assistance.

Statistics on deaths

On Saturday, Reuters with reference to the Syrian center for supervision of human rights cited statistics of deaths during the first week of the truce. According to human rights activists. in areas not covered by the truce, killing 552 people. Where a truce is valid, were killed 135 people.

The Ministry of defense announced the accession to the cease-fire in Syria new groups 05.03.2016

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