Ministry of economic development submitted the law on trade, which entered into force in late 2009, the list of normative acts, in respect of which the office intends next year to assess the actual impact (OFV). The new version of the list has already been sent to the government for approval, writes the newspaper “Izvestia”. Earlier, the Ministry said that the adoption of a list to be held before 1 November.

According to experts, if the experts find in the law the business barriers or other negative aspects that affect the entrepreneurs, the document can not only adjust, but to cancel. The Ministry confirmed that the law is really unable to cancel.

The Association of retail companies (HSE), which unites the largest companies in the industry, are confident that during the operation of this act no significant changes, in addition to complex interactions between partners, as well as increasing costs throughout the value chain of goods has not occurred. This follows from studies on the representation of the trade act to the OFV from the HSE.

The representatives of retail chains emphasize that “regulatory restrictions imposed on the food market, primarily the negative impact is on the consumer.”

During action of the law, “despite the annual amendments, there was not a single case of disputes between suppliers and retail chains”, which may be indicative “on the ineffectiveness of the established regulations with regard to the relations between suppliers and retail chains”, says the appeal of networks in economic development.

According to the newspaper, no annual adjustments of the trade act was not. Despite the fact that attempts to adjust the regulatory act were frequent, managed to do it once this year.

So, how do you think business organizations, food market requires much more fine control than that currently installed.

“If the bill was not needed, it would not be”, – told Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov. Monitoring the application of the law, he said, “depends not only on the evaluation of economic development, it’s useful to have, but also on other factors.”

The Deputy Executive Director of the organization “Support of Russia” Ivan efremenkov notes that online shopping writing about the success of bilateral cooperation, “but in practice we hear about the uncompetitive conditions of contract delivery demand discounts, unwillingness to consider offers of the suppliers.” In his opinion, after the amendments have a chance at the alignment position of the parties.

The Ministry of economic development wants to evaluate the effectiveness of the trade act 28.10.2016

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