Representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Prosecutor’s office appealed against the decision of Tagansky court of Moscow on the appointment of compensation in the amount of more than two million rubles in favor of the four parachutists for unreasonable criminal prosecution on charges of paint in the colors of the Ukrainian flag stars on the spire of the Stalin skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, said RAPSI a press-the court Secretary Ksenia Lyapina. The date of the complaint is not appointed yet.

Reasonable paratroopers initially demanded more than three million rubles. Anna lepyoshkina and Yevgeny Korotkov asked them to compensate the damage in the amount of 835 thousand and 1.2 million, respectively, Alexey Shirokogorov asked to award him 476 thousand rubles, and Alexander Cellars – 767 thousand rubles. The Prosecutor said that he considers it possible to compensate young people for lost earnings at the average wage in Moscow.

These amounts skydivers justified as compensation for illegal detention under house arrest and for the lost opportunity of earnings. In addition, they were asked to reimburse the cost of renting the parachute equipment, as their own belongings were seized, and legal fees.

The court ultimately decided to pay more than two million rubles for illegal criminal prosecution. However, the representative of the Ministry of Finance and the Prosecutor found the requirements of the declared unfounded. Officer of the Ministry stated that in case there is no evidence that young people, while under house arrest, was dismissed or tried to find work at home. In addition, the amount that was spent by the defendants for the lawyers, she called excessive.

Only in the so-called rufer passed five people. Four skydivers Alexander Cellars, Anna lepyoshkina, Evgeny Korotkov Alexey Shirokogorov was arrested in late August 2014, after the incident with the painting stars on the spire of the skyscraper in the colors of Ukrainian flag. According to investigators, the young parachutists, jumping from the tower, attracted the attention of citizens to the painted star.

Skydivers themselves have argued from the outset that are irrelevant to the action and was only jumping from the roofs. In the end, the Tagansky court of Moscow on 10 September 2015, acquitted the four defendants. Apart from them, were arrested and a fifth person involved – Petersburger Vladimir Podrezov. Its a consequence were accused of painting the stars and the spire. Podrezov partially admitted his guilt, stating that he had spent on the roof of the building of the Kyiv rufer Paul Uchiza, who took responsibility for the action.

The Moscow city court on 17 December last year upheld the acquittal of four defendants in the case, and Vladimir Podrezov sentenced to two years and 10 months of imprisonment, the deletion of the sentence, the mention of his previous conviction. We would add that Kiev rufer Paul Uchiza, also known as Gregory Mustang, previously published photograph in which he stands on the spire of the skyscraper. In Russia, he was arrested in absentia and declared in the international search.

The Ministry of Finance and the Prosecutor’s office appealed the decision on compensation in the case of roofers” 27.09.2016

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