The Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov in a letter to first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov suggested making the Finance Ministry the sole Agency responsible for the regulation of procurement of state and state-owned companies, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

On the procurement spend budget money, and thus they should regulate the Ministry of Finance, and following the principle of one window, it is necessary to give the regulation of procurement of state companies, says Abyzov. Then, in his opinion, the catalogue of goods completed in the shortest possible time, the effectiveness of controls will increase competition in the auction will increase, and prices, on the contrary, will decrease.

In addition, as stated in the letter, the Treasury will be able to forcibly withdraw the budget obligations in the amount received in procurement savings.
Public procurement and procurement of state-owned companies is now estimated at about 30 trillion rubles, the newspaper reminds. To create a directory of purchases by 2017 should the Ministry of economic development, was interested in the problem of “rostec”, offered services and the electronic platform of public procurement.

For the law on the procurement responsibility of the Ministry of economic development. The Ministry of Finance developed rules for rationing (limitation of price and quality of procurement depending on the position of the customer), register of contracts and register of Bank guarantees. The Ministry of Finance submits to the Treasury Department responsible for the Unified information system of procurement but of functional requirements gives the Ministry of economic development.

From 1 January 2017 this system is integrated with the information system of public Finance management “Electronic budget” operators, which are the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

According to the experts that talked to the publication, the main purpose of the contract system as seen by the economic development Ministry to make public procurement easy for the main customers: kindergartens, schools, public institutions, and the transfer of regulation to the Ministry of Finance is explained by the desire to make the system convenient for officials, and to increase fiscal savings.

The Finance Ministry is now responsible for the regulation, a register of contracts and Bank guarantees

The Ministry of Finance may become the sole regulator of public procurement 05.11.2016

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