The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation categorically refused to Finance a significant part of the draft anti-crisis plan prepared by the Ministry of economic development. According to RBC, the Agency objected to 37 points from 86 in the total amount to 210.2 billion.

The most expensive application, which has remained without the support of the Ministry of Finance, applies to 23 billion roubles to support agriculture. In the comments of the agencies sent to the White house, emphasized that in 2016 the volume of state support of agriculture had been increased to 74,3 billion.

The Ministry also noted that the allocated money last year as part of the “anti-Crisis plan” had no impact on the growth rate of this sector of the economy, and Federal budget funds are used inefficiently.

Without additional funding, the Finance Ministry proposes to leave research development. Rejected was an application for subsidies to industry to compensate for part of expenses on payment of percent on credits because, according to the Agency, this measure ceased to be relevant after lowering the key rate of the Central Bank to 11%.

Another 16 billion rubles in the proposed plan to allocate to support drug supply of citizens – the initiative in the Ministry of Finance also rejected. There suggested to limit current expenditures and “to carry out activities on import substitution, optimization of the list of drugs, and to reduce ineffective spending on procurement of medicines”.

Monday, February 2, crisis management plan will be reviewed at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “We have as a result of such discussions to go on forming a new version of the plan of action for ensuring sustainable socio-economic development”, – emphasized Medvedev the day before.

A source in the economic block of the government notes that while the Cabinet can not decide how to reconcile plan and budget, as there is still no clear budget parameters. The task of the Ministry of Finance – to avoid additional expenditures on the background of reducing it.

The Ministry of Finance refused to Finance the project anti-crisis plan 02.02.2016

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