The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, despite its head Veronika Skvortsova, not included free testing for HIV in the program of prophylactic medical examination of adult population in 2017.

As developed by the Ministry of amendments to this program, posted on the website disclosure of legal information, in the case of their adoption, starting next year, practitioners will be required only to inform all citizens at the age from 21 to 48 years old passing medical examination, the possibility to make an anonymous test for HIV in specialized medical institutions, providing them’, writes RBC.

Reasons to refuse free HIV testing in the Ministry of health not yet explain. Members of the state Duma Committee on health protection Fedot Tumusov and Alexander Petrov and other experts have suggested that there’s a shortage of funds.

Skvortsova in early September, told reporters on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum in Vladivostok that the Ministry of health has plans in 2017 to include testing for HIV to pass programme in order to increase the coverage of its members.

“We are now free testing for HIV more than 30 million Russian citizens, I think it’s enough, – quoted the Minister TASS. But according to the requirements of the world health organization (who) need to increase this number to about 50 million And that, making the plan of clinical examination free study on HIV, we just add those 20 million who are lacking up to 50″.

10 Nov Skvortsova announced to journalists that 10 regions of the country are considered to be critical for the spread of HIV infection among the population. In the first place – Sverdlovsk oblast, Yekaterinburg, said the Minister.

According to data from the Federal center for prevention and fight against AIDS, the ten “critical” regions of HIV also includes the Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Samara, Orenburg, Leningrad, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk regions, and also Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

The Minister noted that 40% of cases of HIV infection transmitted sexually occurs with heterosexual couples, “and we have the increase is due to affluent women.”

The government of Russia in late October has decided to allocate this year to 2.28 billion rubles to fight the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis b and C. the Funds will be sent to the regions for the provision of medicines and treatment of sick citizens, reported the Cabinet of Ministers.

However, on 15 November, the special interdepartmental Commission due to lack of funding decided not to add new drugs against HIV in the list of essential medicines, says RBC. The Director of the Department of provision of medicines of the Ministry of health Elena Maksimkina said, in 2016, for the purchase of drugs for HIV had been spent 20.8 billion rubles. The draft three-year Federal budget for purposes related to the prevention and treatment of HIV and viral hepatitis B and C, in 2017 allocated 17.8 billion rubles.

According to official data, by the end of 2015 in Russia were registered more than a million HIV-infected persons, of which 212 thousand people died. According to the government of the Russian Federation, in 2006 in Russia the number of new HIV cases is growing 10% a year.

The Ministry of health, despite Skvortsova, not included free HIV test in the program of clinical examination in 2017 21.11.2016

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