The Ministry of health explained significant differences in the estimates of the number of HIV-positive Russians. The head of Department Veronika Skvortsova has announced that in the last year, there were 86.8 thousands of new patients with HIV. However, according to the head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and control of AIDS, academician Vadim Pokrovsky, the number of new cases of HIV exceeds 100 thousand people.

As have informed Agency “Interfax” in the press service of the Ministry, Pokrovsky cited the results of ongoing scientific research Institute of epidemiology, epidemiological surveillance based on positive laboratory tests for HIV, and no statistics on the incidence of HIV over the past year. The health Ministry explained that the incidence reflects the number of persons with an established diagnosis, not the number of laboratory tests.

“Laboratory monitoring is much less precise tool that does not involve such a degree of personalization of information regarding the identified cases. For example, one and the same person tested for HIV and received a positive result at several institutions, is fixed in the monitoring as a number of individual cases, which is not in official statistical information”, – explained in Department.

In a press-service of the Ministry of health also noted that last year in specialized medical institutions under medical observation consisted of 658 141 patients with HIV infection. This is 13% less than in 2015. “If in 2015 the incidence of HIV accounted for 68,5 per 100 thousand population, in 2016 – 59.2 per 100 thousand”, – explained the official.

On may 15 the head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and control of AIDS said that the situation with the spread of HIV in Russia continues to deteriorate. “Last year, it was reported to 103.5 thousand new cases of HIV infection among Russian citizens. This is 5.3 percent more than in 2015″, – he explained.

According to him, since the beginning of the observation were registered one million 114 thousand HIV-infected citizens of the Russian Federation, of which 243 thousand people died. “Alive now was 870 952 person, it is on 31 December 2016″, – said the scientist.

However, the Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, on the same day, speaking in Moscow at a student forum “let’s Stop AIDS together” on may 15 announced a sharp reduction in the number of new cases of infected citizens with HIV.

“The number of new HIV infections has decreased dramatically in 2016. We have only (fixed) new HIV 86.8 thousand people, a year ago, in 2015 there were more than 100 thousand people. A 15% reduction. This is the first time in many years. Two or three years ago the annual increase ranged from 8-10%,” – said the Minister.

In Novosibirsk, HIV-infected people staged a flash mob at the walls of the clinic

In Novosibirsk the morning of 16 may at the outpatient Center for prevention and control of AIDS held a flash mob of Novosibirsk with HIV infection, which, according to them, were forced to come to the protest because of long queues in hospitals and interruptions in the supply of drugs.

According to “NGS. News”, during the flashmob was attended by at least seven citizens who launched the posters, instead of the words were numbers of coupons on reception to the doctor.

“I went yesterday after lunch, I was told that no coupons, “can apply to the duty doctor.” She worked up to two, and the time was 13:55, me said, “Wait for the other, which will be after lunch.” I waited and she asked who my doctor. Said, “Wait until the holidays come from. But that does not take the treatment – do not worry.” But I’m very worried for her health, I the doctors said that it is impossible to interrupt the treatment” – told reporters one of the participants.

According to the city’s residents living with HIV, usually passes to the doctor is, up to a maximum of 11:00 am. At the same time in the clinic trying to get 200 people. “Never was that I came and quietly got to the reception. Always have to first defend this place, and at number one-hundred-some will get a voucher. And not the fact that for lunch, get to the doctor, and if after lunch you will get – not the fact that on this day, will receive treatment” – said the source publication.

The Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region has confirmed to journalists that local patients were more likely to contact the clinic of the Center for prevention and fight against AIDS. “It is connected with the arrival in the area of pharmaceuticals from the Federal supply, and patients are concentrated in the early morning hours. However, the policlinic of the AIDS Centre is open from 08:00 to 20:00, daily admission are 10 infectious disease specialists”, – stressed in the Department.

In mid-July 2016, the UN announcedthat the global HIV epidemic has finally gone into decline, but may be renewed from-for sharp growth in the number of infected people in Russia. Expressed the opinion that “citadel infection” Russia did years of ignoring the problem and lack of government support the distribution of clean needles and condoms to drug addicts.

The Ministry of health explained the difference in the estimates new HIV disadvantages of laboratory monitoring 16.05.2017

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