The Ministry of health supported the idea of tax parasites who do not work but are provided by the state free medical services. “If adults, healthy people, they’re obviously on something live, work”, – said the Minister Veronika Skvortsova. Surveys sociologists have shown that her position is close to half of Russians.

Skvortsova on the sidelines of the International investment forum “Sochi-2016″ answered questions of journalists. She stated that to exclude from the system of obligatory medical insurance of the unemployed is wrong: “the Ministry of health opposed to violated the Constitution and that, consequently, people disabled is output from the MMI system”

At the same time, according to her, the Ministry of health takes the position that everything should be fair. “If adults, healthy people, they’re obviously on something live, work, and do not pay taxes, and use for free that gives you the state. This is absolutely unfair and belittles the rights of those who honestly work honestly and pay taxes”, – quotes the Minister TASS.

To ensure fairness, it is possible to transmit to the regions the right to introduce an additional tax, she said: “we are Talking about what medical care will be the same, which is provided to all, but the regions should have the right to charge the non-working population tax that compensates for the spending on health care.”

In the week Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said that the Ministry began drafting a bill that would force non-residents of the country to pay for the use of clinics and hospitals.

Against this approach were made by the Ministry of economic development: is there statedthat the government must withdraw entrepreneurs from the shadows and more precisely to register the self-employed. Also, the Ministry assured the public that the idea if being discussed, the “slow mode”.

The Ministry of health has supported the idea of a “fair” tax for parasites 02.10.2016

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