The Ministry of health of the Udmurt Republic intends to make of the doctors in the region to quit Smoking. Monthly doctors will check with instruments that can detect the level of nicotine in the blood. The Ministry hopes to set a good example Smoking residents of the region, reports “Interfax”.

The Minister of health of the Republic Alexey Chursin said: “next year We have decided to declare the year of the fight against cancer
tumors. Because they are today – the second place because
mortality… I 1 January 2017 intends to Supplement with labour contracts with the heads of medical institutions to enter into further agreements which will oblige them to quit Smoking. Do not quit – you can’t just, put a task before the expiry of the contract you should quit Smoking”.

He stressed that doctors are not just “word for it” and test them for specific devices. “It hurts me to look at some of our top doctors with many years of Smoking that already have shortness of breath, overweight. Motivation should create people,” the official said.

What measures will be taken to those who quit Smoking failed, Cursin still deciding. “Will fire if I is will depend completely on the efficiency of the medical institution, as the doctor manages. But we still have some incentive to do… I think that people will be motivated to quit Smoking. And we will help in this motivation”, – reasoned the Minister of health.

The Ministry of health of Udmurtiya has decided to force doctors to quit 05.11.2016

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