International public organization “memorial”, included in the register of noncommercial organizations performing the functions of a “foreign agent”, to receive funds from recognized unwanted in the territory of the Russian Federation of foreign organizations. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of justice of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

“The fact of obtaining it (the”Memorial” – Approx. funding from foreign sources, including organizations, whose activity is further deemed undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation (Osi Assistance Foundation, The National Endowment for Democracy),” examples of the Agency.

Earlier, the Ministry explained that the reason for the recognition of Memorial as a “foreign agent” was the facts of foreign funding and the organization’s involvement in political activities. The Ministry recalled that an unscheduled documentary inspection was carried out by the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation in September this year on the basis of the received request of the Prosecutor General.

The Deputy Chairman of the Council on human rights (HRC) Yevgeny Bobrov, in turn, said that the Bureau of the HRC at the next meeting to consider the question of holding a special Council meeting to discuss practice of application by the Ministry of justice law on NGOs acting as foreign agent.

According to Bobrov, the inclusion of the international “memorial” society in the registry of NCOs-“registered as foreign agents” against the law and will not allow the President to implement the approved Concept to perpetuate the memory of victims of repression.

October 4, in the “Memorial” found out that the organization “should be included in the register of organizations executing functions of a foreign agent”. Information on the recognition of Memorial as a “foreign agent” was confirmed by the head of educational programs of the organization Irina Shcherbakova.

“We are charged with the criticism of the law on “foreign agents” with which “the international “memorial” a lot of speaking, criticism the announcement of the Sakharov centre a ‘foreign agent’, a statement on the occasion of the murder, and that responsibility for it lies with the government, our statement regarding the events in the East of Ukraine in 2014″, she explained.

Earlier in the registry of “foreign agents” included several organizations with the name “memorial” in the period from July 2014 to February 2016. Among them the human rights center “memorial” (inter-regional organization, was in Moscow at the same address as the “international memorial, and is its integral part), Petersburg scientific information center “memorial” and Ural information and educational center “memorial”.

“Memorial” is a movement, whose main task initially was to preserve the memory of political repressions in the USSR. Now is a partnership of dozens of organizations in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, leading research, advocacy and educational work.

International public organization “International historical-educational, charitable and human rights society “memorial” has existed since 1989, was registered on 19 April 1992 and re-registered on 28 July 1999. In 2015 received new certificate on state registration of “the International “Memorial”, issued by the Ministry of justice.

The Ministry of justice said the reasons for the inclusion of the international “Memorial” to register as “foreign agents” 06.10.2016

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