Aircraft in distress of the company “VIM-Avia” will fly until mid-October. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of transport following an emergency meeting. Earlier, the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov insisted that to maintain “VIM-Avia” makes no sense and it is better to give money to carry out its flights to other carriers. In fact, it goes differently: in airports again start to refuel the aircraft “VIM”, which will return to Russia more than 10 thousand affected passengers.

The meeting of the crisis staff on the evening of 27 September was held by the head of Department Maxim Sokolov. The transport Ministry in its press release reports reaching “agreements in principle” with the airports and refueling companies of the country on uninterrupted service of all flights “VIM-Avia”.

Following the meeting, the restored passenger air transportation on regular lines, at the airports of the country under the guarantees are provided by the refueling of all aircraft “VIM-Avia”, developed a plan for the removal of Charter passengers from abroad.

In addition, the Ministry of transport agreed with the owners of the airport Domodedovo that there will release five aircraft “VIM-Avia” earlier arrested for debt. They will fly to another Moscow airport, Vnukovo, and then, as expected, in the Turkish Antalya, where for Thursday will return about two thousand passengers of Charter flights to Moscow.

“Until the end of the current day will be performed scheduled flights from Vnukovo to Blagoveshchensk, Krasnodar and Simferopol, as well as from Anadyr to Moscow. Ready to fly regular flight from Pulkovo to Beijing (China). Tomorrow will be carried out working capital flight from China”, – reports the Agency.

The transportation of passengers by scheduled flights “VIM-Avia” will be accepted until October 15. October 16 she will be terminated. Passengers with the date of the execution of regular flights from 16 October and later it is recommended to return cash to return the tickets to the place of purchase.

Previously, the Agency TASS passed, citing a source, that the certificate of the operator “VIM-Avia” can be suspended in two weeks: “two weeks later, the company will not exist, us about this clearly said.” This is consistent with the results of the meeting in the Ministry of transport.

The Ministry of transport restarts “VIM-Avia” until mid-October 01.10.2017

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