The Ministry of defence has drafted a bill proposing to allocate less funds to the funeral of the country’s leaders – presidents, Prime Ministers, and Ministers. In particular, the Agency took the initiative to lay on the burial of the head of state for 40% less than currently envisaged. The document is published on the website for posting information about the preparation of the Federal bodies of Executive power projects of normative legal acts.

The bill says that at the funeral of the President of the USSR and Russia should spend up to 706 thousand rubles from the budget (at the burial of the coffin into the ground). Funeral urns with ashes in the earth are invited to spend up to 653 thousand rubles, and the burial of the urn in a niche of the columbarium must be limited to 592 thousand rubles, according to the authors of the document. In tombs for the President, the Agency proposes to pay up to 3.9 million rubles.

In March, the defense Ministry proposed to spend on the funeral of presidents to 1.18 million rubles, and for the burial of the Prime Ministers up to 845 thousand rubles. Then the document has not passed peer review and coordination with other agencies.
The representative of the defense Ministry told “Gazeta.Ru”that after studying the market prices of funeral services the document has been revised, and the projected cost – reduced. In the current version of the bill amount for burial has dropped from 44 to 49%.

The war Department calculated the new amount taking into account the rate of filling of the Federal memorial cemetery. 2013 in this cemetery was buried 26 people, including designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, the Russian defense Minister Igor Rodionov, an army General Viktor Prudnikov. Defense Ministry considers it appropriate to budget for these purposes the amount needed for the burial of 10-15 people. Informed political figures of Russia are mostly buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

At the burial, Prime Ministers, Ministers, chairmen of chambers of the Federal Assembly, marshals, generals of the army and admirals of the fleet, as well as citizens, awarded the order of St Andrew or the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree, the Ministry of defense proposes: on the burial of the coffin in the ground – up to 483 thousand, the urn with the ashes in the ground – up to 429 thousand rubles, the urn in a niche columbarium to 369 thousand. Headstones for buried in this case will cost up to 3.5 million rubles.

For employees of bodies of internal Affairs, EMERCOM, Federal penitentiary service and military personnel who died in the defense of the interests of the state, the relevant amount in the bill 436 thousand 382 thousand and 322 thousand respectively. The same expenses are provided for burial at the Federal military memorial cemetery of Nobel prize winners, people’s artists, painters, architects and teachers.

Note that in the West the funeral expenses of the first persons of the state are covered in detail in the press. For example, the British media in 2013 reported that at the funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the budget was spent 3.6 million pounds (nearly 5.6 million dollars).
About 500 thousand pounds ($765 thousand) was spent on “official expenses” and patrolling the police, and other security measures cost the budget of 1.1 million pounds (1.6 million dollars). An additional 2 million pounds (more than $ 3 million) amounted to expenses associated with the redistribution of forces of law enforcement bodies for the funeral.

The Ministry proposed to reduce the cost of the funeral of the first persons of the state 06.10.2016

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