Investigators in Khabarovsk region opened a criminal case on the murder of a businessman engaged in the funeral business. According to preliminary reports, dealt with him a dismissed employee, who lured the businessman to the churchyard.

Currently, three alleged accomplices in the murder were detained. He elected a measure of restraint in form of detention. Figures so far give contradictory testimony, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

The investigation began after September 7, 2017 law enforcement agencies have asked a resident of the peace settlement of the Khabarovsk region. She reported the disappearance of wife. Later in the cemetery of the village of Chernaya Rechka, Khabarovsky Raion, was discovered the victim’s vehicle with a broken passenger glass.

“The regional investigative Department on this fact immediately a criminal case to investigate which created enhanced investigative team, – said in a press release. For three weeks after the criminal case by the investigators together with operative employees of UMVD of Russia across Khabarovsk territory was carried out large-scale activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the disappearance of 36-year-old man”.

Eventually managed to establish the identity of the alleged killers. They were three residents of Khabarovsk 1986, 1981 and 1966 years of birth. One of them had previously worked in the field of funeral services in the subjection of the victim, but then went on to work at another accounting firm.

According to investigators, the former slave of a businessman and two of his friends “carefully prepared and planned the crime, Priekuli guns of its Commission, as well as the vehicle”. Then they “organized a meeting with the victim, lured him under the legend for the provision of funeral services on the territory of the cemetery of the village of Chernaya Rechka, Khabarovsk district.”

The attackers wanted to seize the money and property of the businessman. However, the victim had to robbers resistance, and was killed. To conceal the crime, the attackers took the corpse to the forest, where she doused him with a combustible mixture and ignited, and then covered with earth.

Criminal case is being investigated under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

Killer businessman received up to 15 years in prison

The court of Khabarovsk territory has considered a similar criminal case about the attack on the businessman and his murder. It is established that one of the accused in October of 2015, decided to kidnap a businessman, to be taken outside of Khabarovsk and “in the course of the conversation to persuade him to take a definite decision concerning his business.” To this end, he asked his friends to help him.

In the end, six men on three cars and 20 November 2015, the kidnapped businessman, as he went from house to garage. The attackers beat the victim and threw him in the car, then the prisoner was taken to the district pear garden near village Vinogradovka. Upon arrival, the kidnappers found that the victim died. Then they dismembered the body and buried the fragments in different places.

A few days later the relatives of the businessman said about his disappearance. After the arrest of the defendants, two of them confessed to the crime. They explained that didn’t want to take the life of the victim, and only planned to scare him. The rest of the accomplices pleaded not guilty.

All six defendants were detained. They were charged with part 4 of article 111 (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”), part 3 of article 126 (“Kidnapping which has entailed on imprudence death of the victim”) of the criminal code.

Five accused earlier repeatedly brought to trial. The court has appointed the defendant punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term from nine to 15 years. To serve their killers will be in strict regime colony.

The Ministry undertaker was lured to a cemetery and killed 29.09.2017

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