Experts who have studied the origin of three metal objects found during excavations in Romania in 1973, came to a shocking conclusion: one of the three finds, which appearance looks like the result of human activities, came to Earth about 250 thousand years ago. This fact, according to experts, confirms the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, says The Mirror.

Experts indicate that for the first time humanity began to produce and work with aluminum about 200 years ago. However, the discovery, the origin of which goes far beyond these limits, 90 percent of it consists of this metal. This fact makes the discovery of a sensational and deserving of public attention, journalists said.

The excavations took place in Romania for more than 40 years ago, but their results was not made public by decision of the Communist regime in the country, the newspaper notes. The builders, who worked in the early 70-ies of the last century on the banks of the river Maros near the city of Aiud, in Transylvania, found three objects at a depth of 10 meters under the ground.

At first glance, the findings seemed very unusual and ancient, so to work on their study were involved in archaeologists. Two experts related to fossils, however, the nature of the third proved to be much more complicated. The subject was a piece of man-made metal, very lightweight, which presumably could serve as the tip of the axe.

All three specimens were sent for further study in the Romanian city of Cluj. There, scientists came to the conclusion that the first two items belonged to an ancient extinct mammal that lived on Land from 80 to 10 thousand years ago. To the amazement of experts the third sample actually turned out to be a piece of very light metal made by man.

The results showed that the composition of the subject consists of 12 different metals, 90 percent of which is aluminum. Scientists have found that the origin of the object 248 dated thousands of years BC. Later these findings were confirmed by experts from Lausanne.

Other, more skeptical-minded scientists who say the object is not so ancient and his age – from 400 to 80 thousand years. Even taking into account this point of view, it is impossible to explain how in these days the person could process aluminum, outdoor only 200 years ago.

Many came to the conclusion that the unique finding is proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the arrival on Earth of aliens, who, presumably, brought the mysterious pieces of metal on our planet.

In early October the Minister of transport of Iraq, Qasim, Finjan during his visit to the province of DHI QAR in the South, made a strange statement. He stumped the audience at a press conference of journalists, saying that the representatives of ancient people – the Sumerians – were flying into space.

According to him, the first in the history of mankind, the airports were not built in the XX century, but much earlier: they were built by the ancient Sumerians some seven thousand years ago. They were located in the cities of Ur and Eridu, sure, Finjan, and was also used for spaceflight, such as on Pluto.

In Russia, too, there are politicians that advocate alternative points of view in science and history. In 2010, for example, the former head of Kalmykia told about the existence of UFOs and aliens. 26 APR 2010 he was the guest of the program “Pozner”, coming on the First channel. In the air all over the country Ilyumzhinov announced that he even managed to fly in a UFO.

After the speech, Ilyumzhinov on TV, the representatives of the liberal democratic party jokingly tried to pay attention who was then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the possible leak of classified material, suggesting that the FAS could take humanoids some important information.

In March this year during a trip to Las Vegas, the campaign Manager of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton John Podesta participated in a talk show on channel Las Vegas Now and said that former Secretary of state is trying hard to make sense of, are we alone in the Universe.

According to media reports, John Podesta is known as an active supporter of declassification of government secrets in General and of files about UFOs in particular. “I think the American people should know the truth about it,” he said. “I talked about this with Hillary. There are government secrets that people want to know, and there are still files that can be declassified,” said Podesta.

This statement was not off the cuff. Previously, Podesta encouraged journalists to ask their candidate about UFOs, and some have already done it. So, Hillary Clinton told the newspaper the New Hampshire that it intends to get to the archives, UFO-related, because, perhaps, humanity has encountered other civilizations. The presidential candidate finds it necessary to establish a working group to investigate everything connected with the “area 51″ in Nevada, which became famous because of numerous reports of unidentified flying objects.

In the mid 1990-ies billionaire Laurence Rockefeller tried to persuade the Clintons to reveal the mystery of UFOs. And bill Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel show were told that they were trying to get to the heart of the matter, when he was in the oval office. “The first thing I did was tried to send people to “area 51″ to see if there’s aliens”, he said.

It is believed that the interest of the U.S. government to UFO faded after the closure of project Blue Book in 1969, however, the media have expressed suspicions that national security service is still processing the encounter of man with the inexplicable.

In the beginning of this year, the CIA has declassified some of the data of studies on encounters with unidentified flying objects around the world. The bulk of the published documents concerns the observations made in the late 1940s – 1950s. The publication coincided with the premiere of the new season of the television series “Secret materials”, dedicated to the search of answers to seemingly insoluble riddles.

The Mirror: in Romania have found evidence of the existence of aliens and their visit to Earth 20.10.2016

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