Member of the Central Committee of the Communist party, the Governor of Orel region Vadim Potomsky said Tuesday at a press conference in Moscow that the persecution of Orthodox believers in the Soviet era was one of the main mistakes of the Soviet authorities.

“Today Russia is growing thanks to the faith, to anyone says. If the Soviet government did not forbid the faith and would be “idealism, atheism, the Soviet Union had not collapsed would never, it would be the greatest and most powerful nation on the planet, and it only grew stronger”, – quotes the words Patomskogo RIA “Novosti”.

He noted that “the prohibition of faith – it was a deliberate split, which was laid during the creation of the state.” “Atheism destroyed the Soviet Union”, – said the representative of the Communist party leadership.

“To Russia grew stronger and prospered, we have to go back to its roots, to their faith,” – said Potomsky.

Recall that exactly four years ago, the press service of the Communist party issued a statement of the party’s leader Gennady Zyuganovin which he, seeing the threat to them from the Western countries, as well as the destructive forces inside Russia, spoke out in defense of Christianity, first and foremost, Orthodoxy. Zyuganov in the document stresses that the sermon on the mount Christ and the Moral code of builders of communism are actually no different.

“American-style globalization played the role of “trigger” that led to the action of a number of processes directed against the fundamental values of human civilization, and above all against Christianity like the Orthodox, all other branches”, – said in a statement.

The author of the document believes that neither Russian media nor human rights organizations and even state government do not see the growing mockery of the essence and meaning of life itself.” “The present and future of Christianity, reared and millennia Pustovalova European, and in many respects the entire world civilization, it was unnecessary for the new masters of the world” – says Zyuganov.

Reinforcing his insights, he noted that 75% of all those persecuted on religious grounds in the world are Christians, with more than 4/5 of crimes on religious grounds committed against Christians.

“Nearly 70 countries around the world persecuted for their faith are subjected to 100 million followers of Christ”, – said the leader of the Russian Communists.

Gennady Zyuganov also pointed out that, in his opinion, not only in the middle East and in many countries of Asia and Africa, but also in European countries such as Italy, Britain, France – are the persecution of Christians.

“Christian believers almost closed or extremely limited way in a profession” – says Zyuganov. He cites other data to support its conclusions.

“A huge role in what is happening is that Christianity, especially Orthodoxy, has absorbed centuries-old features of humanity about justice, equality and fraternity, that is, those values that are close to the native humanistic progressive forces, and especially us, the Communists,” the statement said Zyuganov.

Party leader draws a parallel between the sermon on the mount Christ and the moral code of builders of communism, noting that almost many of the tenets of these documents are the same.

“Honor your father and mother…” – says the Saviour. “Mutual respect in family, care for upbringing of children…” – instructs our code. “Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet the house of his neighbor,” – said in the sermon on the mount. “An uncompromising attitude to injustice, parasitism, dishonesty, careerism and money-grubbing”, – required of a Communist. “If any would not work shall not eat,” the Scripture teaches. “Who does not work shall not eat” – in solidarity with him, say the Communists,” – led the comparison Zyuganov.

According to him, in Russia recently, “there is a powerful and cynical psychic attack on Christianity”. “The ritual murder of an Orthodox priest, a blatant desecration of our temples, a blatant mockery in the media, especially on television, over the highest hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, cheeky pahokatawa over the Holy things for the faithful by those who consider themselves masters of life, that’s what more and more evident in the Russian reality,” – said Zyuganov.

In his words, “was right in his own way Joseph Stalin did a lot for the revival of Orthodoxy in our country.”

Noting that the voters of the Communist party one-third consists of people who believe, Zyuganov promised to “use all the influence of the party to protect the good name and authority those priests who are subjected to mockery, slander and defamation”.

However, Zyuganov then acknowledged that some of the things the Communist party and the ROC look different. “Of course, much we the Church look different. We are ready to debate, even to argue with her. However, the core of our views on the essence of the future of man, of all earthly civilization largely coincide”, – said Zyuganov.

And that is why he promised the support and protection of the ROC. “When the Russian Orthodox Church raises its authoritative voice in defense of Christianity, we cannot fail to Express solidarity with her, because only true patriots, people of high culture and spirituality are able to stop the darkness that creeps steadily into our Russia and the world”, – concluded the leader of the Communists.

The mistake of the Communists was “no faith”, and the Soviet Union was destroyed atheism, said a member of the Central Committee of the Communist party 19.07.2016

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